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【レコード入荷情報】ROCK/POPS SOUL/HIP HOP/CLUB 新譜レコード/VINYL7/17(土)-7/30(金)入荷一覧を更新! ※RSDは除く
  • 2021年07月31日







※7/17(土)に開催された<RECORD STORE DAY>は除いております。







Welcome 2 America (Black Vinyl)<完全生産限定盤> Than Ever (Retail Exclusive CD)<限定盤>Sling (Standard Vinyl)

ArethaPrivate Space<Red Nebula Vinyl>Stand For Myself (Coloured LP)RARE CHANGES / ONLY YOU<限定盤>

Gold-Diggers Sound (Vinyl)<完全生産限定盤>Sensational<Clear Vinyl> Drips and Gathers




50’s-70’s ROCK/POPS新入荷リスト


アーティスト タイトル 品番 売価(税込)
Bryan Ferry Boys And Girls <Black Vinyl>(INTL/LP/RM) 875068 ¥3,490
Bryan Ferry These Foolish Things <Black Vinyl>(INTL/LP/RM) 6763292 ¥3,490
Bryan Ferry Another Time, Another Place <Black Vinyl>(INTL/LP/RM) 6763293 ¥3,490
Bryan Ferry Let’s Stick Together <Black Vinyl>(INTL/LP/RM) 7722745 ¥3,490
Bryan Ferry In Your Mind <Black Vinyl>(INTL/LP/RM) 7722746 ¥3,490
Bryan Ferry The Bride Stripped Bare <Black Vinyl>(INTL/LP/RM) 7722747 ¥3,490
Jackson Browne Downhill From Everywhere (Vinyl) (US/LP) INR1126 ¥4,990
Nick Lowe アット・マイ・エイジ(LP) MSILP0015 ¥4,180
Paul McCartney McCartney III Imagined (Standard Vinyl)(INTL/LP) 3513650 ¥6,590
The Beatles PHILADELPHIA P.A. 1964 (LP) EGLP003 ¥4,840
The Beatles A HARD DAY’S NIGHT another tracks (LP) EGLP004 ¥4,840




80’s – 現行ROCK/POPS新入荷リスト


アーティスト タイトル 品番 売価(税込)
A Letter Home Have a Good Old Fashioned Christmas <White Vinyl>(LP) LPSUND5586C ¥4,190
Alan Vega After Dark(LP) IRED3561 ¥2,790
Anne-Marie Therapy(EU/LP) 9029674220 ¥3,490
Baby Silverskins Yarping Down The Tweeds(LP) CRACKLE026LP ¥3,790
Billie Eilish Happier Than Ever (Standard Vinyl)(INTL/LP) 3597354 ¥5,690
Clairo Sling (Standard Vinyl)(INTL/LP) 3586049 ¥3,790
Darkside Spiral <Black Vinyl> OLE1737LP ¥3,490
Dream Theater Lost Not Forgotten Archives: A Dramatic Tour of Events – Select Board Mixes (3LP+2CD) (EU) 19439878771 ¥4,990
Guardian Singles Guardian Singles(LP) TIM161LP ¥3,490
Lump (UK) Animal(A) BRCS5 ¥2,090
Piroshka Love Drips and Gathers(LP) BELLA1219V ¥4,890
R.E.M. Radio Free Europe (INTL/7”) 7216481 ¥2,690
Ruth Mascelli A Night At The Baths <Black Vinyl>(LP) DISC8 ¥3,590
Sam Mehran Cold Brew <Purple Vinyl>(LP) WEIRD142LPX ¥4,190
Tahiti 80 Wallpaper For The Soul(+8/LP) HS030 ¥5,290
The Fall Live at St. Helens Technical College 81 [LP+7inch] CF133 ¥5,690
Various Artists Bills & Aches & Blues(LP) 4AD0358LP ¥4,390





アーティスト タイトル 品番 売価(税込)
Aretha Franklin Aretha(EU/LP) 349784621 ¥4,590
Durand Jones & The Indications Private Space <Red Nebula Vinyl>(LP) DOC227LPC1 ¥4,090
Erika De Casier Sensational <Clear Vinyl>(LP) 4AD0354LP ¥2,790
Fay Hill (FAY) アイ・ドント・ノウ・ユー/ディス・イズ・ア・ブレッシング (7”) P76275 ¥1,980
Mayer Hawthorne RARE CHANGES / ONLY YOU(7”) HR7S218 ¥1,980
Michael Jackson Greatest Hits Live (The Broadcast Collection) <Colored Vinyl>(UK/LP) GYVOLP7204 ¥4,590
Prince Welcome 2 America (Black Vinyl) (EU/LP) 19439859801 ¥4,590
Prince Welcome 2 America (Deluxe 2LP+CD+Blu-ray) (US) 19439866161 ¥14,790
Shunske G & The Peas Soul Jam Vol.1&2(10”) JS10S017 ¥2,860
The Topics (NY) ギヴィング・アップ (LP) PLP7129 ¥4,675
The Ultimates ユーア・マイ・レイディ (LP) PLP7130 ¥4,675
Tomorrow’s People オープン・ソウル (LP) PLP7141 ¥3,850
Yola Stand For Myself (Coloured LP) 7226455 ¥3,490
2Pac (Tupac Shakur) Until The End Of Time(INTL/LP) 3533406 ¥6,590
Leon Bridges Gold-Diggers Sound (Gold Vinyl) (EU/LP) 19439901861 ¥3,590
Various Artists In Good Hands vol.1 (LP) 22769 ¥3,608
80kidz Magic feat.AAAMYYY/Magic tofubeats Remix (7”) KMKN87 ¥2,200
Fatima Al Qadiri Medieval Femme(LP) HDBLP057 ¥3,290











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