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TOWER VINYL SHIBUYAでの45セール第一弾は、Marvin GayeやIsley Brothersなどの定番アイテムをはじめDJユースな人気盤をまとめてドドーンと500枚オーバーで放出!


Cookin’Bag / This Is Me(45-101オリジナル盤 EX) DEEP FUNK CLASSIC! ⇒2枚まとめて放出!!!
David M. Bowie And Heartbeat / Blackfoot(DFP3001オリジナル盤 EX) Synths Boogie/Electro Boogie Funk!
Mr.X / I Pity The Man(BS001 オリジナル盤 EX)  Electro Boogie!


Artist Title No. MEDIA SLEEVE Note
98. 6 Thanks To You / 98. 6 73765 VG VG US-Original 7″ CS
B. W. Souls Marvins Groove 451038 VG+ US-Original 7″
Barbara Acklin I’ll Bake Me A Man 55501 EX US-PROMO 7″ Eugene Recordプロデュースの人気曲
Barry White Passion ZS403379 VG US-Original 7″
Bataan Woman Don’t Want To Love Me 850123 EX VG US-PROMO 7″ CS
Bill Merriweather Thats Love UR1868 VG+ US-Original 7″
Bill Withers Harlem / Ain’t No Sunshine SUX219 VG+ VG US-Original 7″ CS 両面ネタ
Bill Withers Grandma’s Hands SUX227 G US-Original 7″ Blackstreetネタ
Bob James The Steamin’ Feelin’ 1802672 VG VG US-PROMO 7″ CS
Bobby Jones  I Got A Habit (Of Lovin You) EX103 EX US-Original 7″ レアLPからのカット
Bobby Womack Across 110th Street UAXW196W VG+ US-Original 7″
Brainstorm We’re On Our Way Home Part 1 ZS85502 VG US-PROMO 7″
Brighter Side Of Darkness Love Jones TC2002 VG US-Original 7″ サンプリングネタとしてお馴染みの甘茶ソウル
Charles Wright I’ll Give You Time P6228 VG+ US-Original 7″
Cheryl Lynn Got To Be Real 310808 VG US-Original 7″ CS
Cookin’ Bag This Is Me 45101 EX US-Original 7″
D. J. Rogers Love Brought Me Back 310754 VG+ VG US-Original 7″ CS
Darrow Fletcher I Think I’m Gonna Write A Song C6011 VG G US-Original 7″ CS
David M. Bowie And Heartbeat Blackfoot / Lust Me DFP3001 EX US-Original 7″
Diana Ross I’m Coming Out M1491F VG+ US-PROMO 7″ プロモ 両面同ヴァージョン
Diana Ross Upside Down M1494F VG US-PROMO 7″ プロモ 両面同ヴァージョン
Donny Hathaway Love Love Love 456928 VG VG US-Original 7″ CS
Donny Hathaway Giving Up / Jealous Guy 456884 VG US-PROMO 7″
Dramatics In The Rain / (Gimme Some) Goo VOA4075 VG VG US-Original 7″ CS
Dyke & The Blazers We Got More Soul OS86 VG+ VG US-Original 7″ CS
Felecia Harrison Tomorrow Comes Too Soon 888 VG US-Original 7″
Foster Sylvers / The Sylvers Misdemeanor / So Close K14580 VG US-Original 7″
Four Mints You’re My Desire / You Want To CS28 VG+ US-Original 7″
Gene Chandler Don’t Have To Be Lying Babe CR1979 G US-Original 7″
George Duke I Want You For Myself 950792 VG US-Original 7″ ガラージクラシック
Greg Perry  (Get Your Head Out Of The Clouds) NB817 VG US-Original 7″
Grover Mitchell I’m Still In Love With You 45976 VG US-Original 7″ Goldmineのディープソウルのコンピ収録
Gwen McCrae All This Love That I’m Givin’ CATX2015 VG+ US-Original 7″ Red-eyeラベル STERLING有
Isley Brothers Keep On Doin’ TN914 VG US-Original 7″ JB’s-The Grunt元ネタ
J. R. Bailey After Hours / Heaven On Earth TR3805 VG US-Original 7″
J.R. Bailey The Eyes Don’t Know The Feelin JB10799 VG+ US-PROMO 7″ LONG/SHORT
James Brown Super Bad 456329 VG+ US-Original 7″
James Brown Sex Machine PD14270 VG VG US-Original 7″ CS
Jimmy Jones Ain’t Nothing Wrong Makin’ Love The First Night C1 G US-Original 7″
Jimmy McGriff The Worm SD2524 VG US-Original 7″
Joey Quinones The World I Know SHS002 EX US 7″ リイシュー
Josephine Taylor Good Lovin’ / You’re The Sweet 6011 VG+ US-Original 7″
King Curtis Memphis Soul Stew 456511 VG US-PROMO 7″ Ice Cube 3rd Bassネタ
Leon Haywood I Want’ A Do Something Freaky TC2228 VG US-Original 7″
Lonnie Larry Where Is The Sunshine / Got To Find Her MT2024 VG+ US-Original 7″
Madonna Borderline 729354 VG+ VG US-Original 7″ ポスタージャケ
Magnetic Force Is It Wrong PP0978 G US-Original 7″
Marvin Gaye Let’s Get It On T54234F VG+ US-Original 7″
Marvin Gaye What’s Going On T54201 VG+ US-Original 7″ Santa Mariaプレス
Minnie Epperson It’ll Last Forever / Nothing B 1944 VG US-Original 7″
Monday After “Merry-Go-Round” BDA512 VG US-Original 7″
Mr. X I Pity The Man BS001 EX US-Original 7″
Pleasure Let Me Be The One F803AS EX US-PROMO 7″ ネタ曲 STEREO/MONO
Rudy Pickering Merry-Go-Round / Everybody MM101 VG+ US-Original 7″
Shirley Brown I Can’t Move No Mountains AS0334 VG+ VG US-PROMO 7″ STEREO/MONO
Smokey Robinson Cruisin’ / Ever Had A Dream T54306F EX US-Original 7″ D’Angeloのカヴァーでお馴染み
Sonny Padilla JR Talk To Me! / It’s Your Body! UNO58545 VG+ US-Original 7″
Sunfire Never Too Late For Your Lovin’ 729439 EX US-PROMO 7″ STEREO/MONO
Thad Bosley Mulldigger BE901 EX US-Original 7″
The Beginning Of The End Funky Nassau A4595 VG+ US-Original 7″
The Blackbyrds Walking In Rhythm / The Baby F736 VG+ US-Original 7″ B面Organized Konfusionネタ
The Capitols Soul Brother Soul Sister 451543 VG+ US-Original 7″
The Gap Band Yearning For Your Love / When 76101 VG US-Original 7″  Pharcyde Nas SWVネタ
The Harvey Averne Band People #0018 VG+ US-PROMO 7″ STEREO/MONO
The Jackson 5  I Want You Back / Who’s Lovin M1157 VG VG US-Original 7″ CS
The M-M’s And The Peanuts Lil’ Valley / Open Up Your Eye 414 VG US 7″ リイシュー
The Montereys And The Dolls Time To Get Down 6 EX US-Original 7″
The Staple Singers I’ll Take You There STA0125 VG US-Original 7″ Big Daddy Kane同名曲ネタ
Tommie Young Get Out Of My Life / That’s How Strong My Love Is 119SOULPOWER VG VG US-Original 7″ CS A面はNot On LP
Tommy Bush Skin It Back V1847 VG US-Original 7″ DEEP FUNK
Weldon Irvine Walk That Walk; Talk That Talk PB10111 VG+ US-Original 7″
Young-Holt Unlimited Soulful Strut 55391 VG+ US-Original 7″

…and more



②FUNK / P-FUNK LP放出セール!

80’s ファンクGary Wilson / Cornerstoneをはじめ、Junior Parkerなど人気盤はもちろんJames Brown、Sly & The Family Stone、Ohio Playersなど定番商品をはじめP-FUNK関連商品をまとめて200枚放出!



Artist Title No. MEDIA SLEEVE Note
Alice Clark Alice Clark MRL362 VG+ EX US リイシュー
Allen Toussaint Life Love and Faith MS2062 EX VG US-Original Soul Sister収録
American Gypsy American Gypsy CH60034 EX EX US-Original オランダ録音の74年作 A1はDJ Shadowネタ
Booker T. & The MG’s Hip Hug-Her S717 VG+ VG US-Original YELLOWラベル ハイプステッカー
Booker T. & The MG’s Melting Pot STS2035 VG+ VG US-Original
Booker T. Jones Home Grown SP4351 VG+ VG+ US-Original
Brother To Brother In The Bottle TU7013 EX EX US-Original A2:Jay-Z Ice Cubeネタ
Charles Wright Express Yourself WS1864 VG+ VG US-Original
Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd St Rhythm Band In The Jungle Babe WS1801 VG+ VG+ US-Original
Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd St Rhythm Band Together WS1761 VG+ VG+ US-Original B3:Ice Cube A6:Jungle Brothersネタ
Clarence Reid Dancin’ With Nobody But You Babe SD33307 EX VG US-Original A1:KRS-One DMXネタ
Donny Hathaway Come Back Charleston Blue SD7010 VG+ VG US-Original B2:Wu-Tang Clan Dr Dreネタ
Dyke & The Blazers The Funky Broadway OSRLPM5016 US-Original 未開封 モノラル
Eddy Senay Step By Step SXBS7018 EX VG+ US-Original A3:Pete Rockネタ
Fred Wesley & The Horny Horns A Blow For Me A Toot To You SD18214 VG VG US-Original
Fred Wesley & The Horny Horns Say Blow By Blow Backwards SD19254 EX VG US-Original
Fred Wesley & The J.B.s Breakin Bread PE6604 VG+ VG US-Original
Funkadelic One Nation Under A Groove BSK3209 VG+ VG US-Original 7″付
Funkadelic Hardcore Jollies BS2973 EX VG US-Original
Funkadelic Uncle Jam Wants You BSK3371 VG VG US-Original
Fuzzy Haskins Radio Active WT6102 VG+ VG+ US-Original
Fuzzy Haskins A Whole Nother Thang W229 VG+ VG+ US-Original
Gary Wilson Cornerstone BF11111 EX VG+ US-Original プライベートプレス
Harvey Scales Hot Foot NBLP7164 VG VG US-Original B1:Intelligent Hoodlumネタ
Hunt’s Determination Get Your Act Together SHLP200 VG G US-Original
Isaac Hayes Hot Buttered Soul ENS1001 VG+ VG US-Original A1:2Pac A2:Dr Dre 他全曲ネタ
Isaac Hayes Shaft ENS25002 VG+ G US-Original 2LP A1:Jay-Z A4:Big Lネタ
James Brown Its A Mother KSD1063 VG+ VG US-Original
James Brown Please Please Please K12909 VG VG US BLACKラベル
James Brown The Popcorn KSD1055 VG VG US-Original B1:Digable Planetsネタ
James Brown Get On The Good Foot PD23004 VG+ VG US-Original 2LP
James Brown There It Is PD5028 EX VG US-Original
James Brown Sex Machine KS71115 EX VG US-Original 2LP
James Brown Grits & Soul MGS27057 VG+ VG US-Original モノラル
James Brown Mutha’s Nature PD16111 VG+ VG US-PROMO 白ラベル エンボスジャケ
James Brown Ain’t It Funky KS1092 VG VG US-Original A2:Gang Starr A1:Beastie Boysネタ
James Brown Slaughters Big Rip Off PD6015 VG VG US-Original
James Brown & The Famous Flames Cold Sweat KS121020 VG G US-Original BLUEラベル
Jimmy Castor Hey Leroy SRS67091 VG+ VG US-Original
Johnny “Guitar” Watson Love Jones DJM31 EX EX US-Original B2:Lord Finesse ネタ
Johnny “Guitar” Watson Ain’t That A Bitch DJLPA3 EX VG US-Original 大ネタ Superman Lover 収録
Johnny “Guitar” Watson What The Hell Is This? DJM24 VG VG US-Original A2:Large Professorネタ
Junior Parker Love Aint Nothin But A GM513 VG VG US-PROMO A4: DJ Shadow Cypress Hillネタ
King Hannibal Truth AWLP1001 VG+ VG+ US-Original
Life Force Life Force STW6000 EX VG+ US-Original
Lightnin Rod Hustlers Convention UALA156F VG+ VG US-Original
Lyn Collins Check Me Out If You Don’t Know PE6605 VG G US-Original
Maceo & All The King’s Men Funky Music Machine EX8022 VG+ VG US-Original
Maceo Parker US PE6601 VG VG US-Original
Main Street Main Street KST5001 EX EX US-Original
Mandrill Composite Truth PD5043 VG+ VG US-Original B4:Black Moon A4:D.I.T.C.ネタ
Marva Whitney Live And Lowdown At The Apollo KS1079 VG VG US-Original
Melvin Van Peebles Don’t Play Us Cheap (O.S.T.) STS23006 EX VG US-Original 2LP A2:Beatnutsネタ
Ohio Players Graduation A430OPLP VG VG US-Original
Ohio Players Skin Tight SRM1705 EX VG US-Original REDラベル
Sly & The Family Stone A Whole New Thing BN26324 VG+ VG+ US-Original YELLOWラベル
Solomon Burke Cool Breeze 1SE35ST VG+ VG US-Original A:Ghostface Killahネタ
Soul Mann & The Brothers Shaft SPC3290 EX VG US-Original B2:Dr.Dre Fabolousネタ
The Brides Of Funkenstein Funk Or Walk SD19201 VG VG US-Original P-Funk A1:45kingネタ
The Brothers Dont Stop Now APL11187 VG+ VG US-Original Under The Skin収録
The Isiey Brothers 3+3 KZ32453 EX VG US-Original
The Kay-Gees Find A Friend GANG102 VG+ VG US-Original A1:Madlib A4:T La Rockネタ
The Nite Liters Morning Noon & The Liters LSP4493 VG+ VG US-Original A1:Brand Nubianネタ
The Nite-Liters Instrumental Directions LSP4580 VG+ VG US-Original Afro-Strut収録
Various Artists Black Fist HF1101 EX VG US-Original ネタ曲 Can’t Stop Talkin’ 収録
Various Artists James Brown’s Funky People 4228294171Y1 VG+ VG US-Original
Young Holt Unlimited Soulful Strut BL754144 US-Original 未開封
Young-Holt Unlimited Oh Girl SD1634 VG+ VG US-Original B5:Pete Rockネタ


…and more