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〈TOWER VINYL〉中古放出! (記事数 / 26)

7/23(土) 新着FUNK ~ DISCO/BOOGIE LP&7インチ放出!

7/23(土) 新着FUNK ~ DISCO/BOOGIE LP&7インチ放出!


新着ファンク ~ ディスコ/ブギーの定番・レア盤放出します!

サンプリングネタとして有名な Lyn Christopher – “Take Me With You” 、ウォント多数のレア盤 Push – “You Turn Me On” 、DJ Shadowのコンピにも収録されている Eddie Simpson – “Big Black Funky Slave” などを筆頭に定番からレア盤までLPと7インチあわせて400枚ほどご用意しました!





★The Meters – Rejuvenation (MS2200) EX/VG US-Original
★The Meters – Fire On The Bayou (MS2228) EX/VG+ US-Original
★James Brown – Black Caesar (PD6014) VG+/VG US-Original
★James Brown – It’s A Mother (KSD1063) VG+/VG+ US-Original
★Pleasure – Dust Yourself Off (F9473) VG+/VG+ US-Original
★Curtis Mayfield – Something To Believe In (RS13077) VG+/VG US-Original
★Silver Platinum & Gold – Hollywood (HR10012) VG+/EX US-Original
★Active Force – Active Force (SP4932) VG+/VG US-Original
★Lyn Christopher – Take Me With You / Unrequited (PAA0238) VG+/ US-PROMO 7インチ
★Inside Out – Take A Chance (H3015) EX/ US-Original 7インチ
★Push – You Turn Me On (SOS707) G/ US-Original 7インチ
★Eddie Simpson – Big Black Funky Slave / Lovin’ (470) EX/ US-PROMO 7インチ
★Logg – I Know You Will (S72146) EX/ US-Original 7インチ
★Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul So – Planet Rock (TB823) VG+/ US-Original 7インチ
★Billy Preston – Nothing From Nothing / My Soul (1544S) VG+/ US-Original 7インチ
★Crown Heights Affair – Dreaming A Dream (DEP1570) VG+/ US-Original 7インチ
[ LP ]
★A Taste Of Honey – A Taste Of Honey (ST11754) VG+/VG US-Original
★A Taste Of Honey – アナザー・テイスト (ECS81212) EX/VG+ JPN 帯 インサート
★Active Force – Active Force (SP4932) VG+/VG US-Original
★ADC Band – Long Stroke (SD5210) VG+/VG US-Original
★Al Green – Have A Good Time (SHL32103) VG+/VG US-Original
★Alicia Myers – I Appreciate (MCA5485) VG+/VG US-Original
★Amii Stewart – Try Love (88101) VG+/VG+ ITA
★Amii Stewart – Amii Stewart (PL31682) EX/EX EU-Original
★Anthony Watson – Anthony Watson (AMH3301) VG+/VG US-Original
★Aretha Franklin – Aretha Arrives (SD8150) EX/VG US-Original
★Aretha Franklin – Almighty Fire (SD19161) EX/VG+ US-Original
★Aretha Franklin – With Everything I Feel In Me (SD18116) VG/VG US-Original
★Aretha Franklin – Get It Right (AL88019) VG+/VG US-Original
★Aretha Franklin – Hey Now Hey (SD7265) VG+/VG US-Original
★Aretha Franklin – Jump To It (AL9602) VG+/VG+ US-Original
★Aretha Franklin – Sparkle (SD18176) VG/VG US-Original
★Ashford & Simpson – Send It (BS3088) VG+/EX US-Original
★Aurra – A Little Love (SA8551) G/VG US-Original
★B.T. Express – Shout! (JC35078) EX/VG US-Original
★Bar-Kays – Nightcruising (SRM14028) VG+/VG US-Original
★Bernard Edwards – Glad To Be Here (800791) / US-Original
★Bernie Worrell – All The Woo In The World (AB4209) VG+/VG US-Original
★Boney M. – ボニーM・ベスト (P10619A) VG+/VG+ JPN 帯 インサート
★Booker T. Jones – Up Tight (STS2006) VG+/VG+ US-Original
★Boys Town Gang – 君の瞳に恋してる/ディスク・チャージ (VIL6012) EX/VG+ JPN 帯 インサート
★Brainstorm (R&B) – Stormin’ (BQL12048) VG+/VG US-Original
★Brick – Summer Heat (FZ37471) VG+/VG+ US-Original
★Cameo – Cameosis (CCLP2011) VG+/VG US-Original
★Candi Staton – Nightlites (SH265) VG+/VG US-Original
★Carl Carlton – Carl Carlton (T628) VG+/VG+ US-Original
★Cerrone – Love In C Minor (SD9913) VG+/VG US-Original
★Chaka Khan – What Cha’ Gonna Do For Me (HS3526) VG+/VG US-Original
★Change – Turn On Your Radio (812431) VG+/VG US-Original
★Change – Sharing Your Love (SD19342) EX/VG US-Original
★Change – Sharing Your Love (SD19342) G/G US-Original
★Charles Wright – Rhythm And Poetry (BS2620) VG+/VG US-Original
★Chic – Tongue In Chic (800311) VG+/VG US-Original
★Chic – Risque (SD16003) VG+/VG US-Original
★Coke Escovedo – Coke (SRM11041) EX/VG+ US-Original
★Collage (Soul) – Do You Like Our Music ? (S23) VG+/VG US-PROMO
★Collage (Soul) – Shine The Light (MCA5564) EX/VG US-Original
★Con Funk Shun – Spirit Of Love (SRM13806) VG/VG US-Original
★Con Funk Shun – Electric Lady (4228243451M1) G/VG+ US-Original
★Crowd Pleasers – Crowd Pleasers (WT6110) VG/VG US-Original
★Crown Heights Affair – Think Positive (DSR8504) VG/VG US-Original
★Curtis Hairston – Curtis Hairston (816931) EX/VG US-Original
★Curtis Mayfield – Something To Believe In (RS13077) VG+/VG US-Original
★Curtis Mayfield – Got To Find A Way (CRS8604) G/G US-Original
★D.J.Rogers – Love Brought Me Back (JC35393) VG+/VG US-Original
★David Porter – Victim Of The Joke?….An Oper (ENS1019) VG/VG US-Original
★Dayton – Hot Fun (LT51126) VG+/VG US-Original
★Dayton – Cutie Pie (LT1093) VG+/VG+ US-Original
★Dexter Wansel – Life On Mars (PZ34079) VG+/VG US-PROMO
★Dick Smith – Initial Thrust (123835) VG+/VG US-Original
★Double Exposure – Locker Room (SA8523) VG+/VG US-Original
★Dynasty – The Second Adventure (S20) VG/VG US-Original
★Eddie Kendricks – Goin’ Up In Smoke (T6346S1) VG+/VG US-Original
★Esther Williams – Inside Of Me (AFL14023) VG+/VG+ US-Original
★Fatback – Brite Lites/Big City (SP16721) VG+/VG+ US-Original
★Fatback – 14 Karat (SP16729) VG/VG US-Original
★Fiesta – Fiesta (AB4196) VG+/VG US-Original
★First Choice – The Player  (PG1502) VG+/VG US-Original
★First Choice – Breakaway (GA9505) VG/VG+ US-Original
★First Choice – Hold Your Horses (GA9502) VG+/VG US-Original
★General Kane  – In Full Chill  (6216GL) VG+/VG US-Original
★George Clinton – Do Fries Go With That Shake (V15219) EX/VG+ US
★George Clinton – Double Oh-Oh (12CL365) VG+/VG+ US-Original
★George Clinton – R&B Skeletons In The Closet (ST12481) EX/EX US-Original
★George Clinton – The Best Of George Clinton (ST12534) VG+/G US-Original
★George McCrae – Rock Your Baby (TK501) EX/VG US-Original
★Gloria Gaynor – 恋のサバイバル (MPF1225) EX/VG+ JPN インサート
★Goodie – Call Me Goodie (TE13002) VG+/VG+ US-Original
★Gordon Parks – Shaft’s! Big Score (1SE36ST) VG+/VG+ US-Original
★Gregg Diamond Bionic Boogie – Hot Butterfly (PD16162) EX/EX US-Original
★Gwen McCrae – Gwen McCrae (SD19308) EX/VG+ US-Original
★Heaven And Earth – Fantasy (SRM13763) VG+/VG US-Original
★Hitchhikers – Hitchhikers (ABCD973) VG+/G US-Original
★Honey Cone – Love Peace & Soul (HA713) VG+/VG US-Original
★Instant Funk – Instant Funk (SA8513) VG+/VG+ US-Original
★James Brown – It’s A Mother (KSD1063) VG+/VG+ US-Original
★James Brown – Black Caesar (PD6014) VG+/VG US-Original
★James Brown – Hell (PD29001) VG+/VG+ US-Original
★James Brown – Ain’t It Funky (ST93100) VG+/VG US-Original
★James Brown – Revolution Of The Mind (PD3003) VG/VG US-Original
★James Brown – Bring It On! (CAS22001) EX/VG US-Original
★James Brown – I’m Real (Z44241) VG+/VG+ US-Original
★James Brown – I’m Real (4Z907805) VG+/VG+ US-Original
★James Brown – Gravity (Z40380) VG+/VG+ US-Original
★James Brown – Gravity (6500598) VG+/VG UK
★James Brown – Solid Gold-30 Golden Hits (4228292541Y2) VG+/EX US
★James Brown – I’m Real (Z44241) EX/VG+ US-Original
★James Brown – In The Jungle Groove [LP](LP/R (8296241) VG+/VG+ UK
★James Brown – James Brown Soul Classics (SC5401) VG+/VG+ US-Original
★James Brown – Sex Machine Today (PD6042) VG+/VG US-Original
★James Brown – Hot (PD6059) VG+/VG+ US-Original
★James Brown – There It Is (PD5028) VG+/VG US-Original
★James Brown – It’s A New Day – Let A Man Com (PD1095) / US
★James Brown – Take A Look At Those Cakes (PD16181) VG+/G US-Original
★James Brown – Sings Raw Soul (1016) VG/G US-Original
★James Brown – James Brown & Friends – Soul S (C28Y0292) EX/VG+ JPN 見本盤
★James Brown – The Best Of James Brown (PD16340) /EX US-Original
★James Brown – Jam 1980’s (PD16140) VG/VG US-Original
★James Brown – Jam 1980’s (PD16140) G/VG US-Original
★James Brown – The Best Of James Brown (NE1376) EX/VG+ UK
★Jocelyn Brown – One From The Heart (125445) EX/VG+ US-Original
★Johnnie Taylor – Rated Extraordinaire (PC34401) G/VG+ US-Original
★Johnny Guitar Watson – Giant (DJM19) VG+/VG US-Original
★Junie – Freeze (W214) / US-Original
★Junior – Ji (SRM14043) G/G US-Original
★Lakeside – Fantastic Voyage (BXL13720) VG+/VG US
★Lamont Dozier – Bitter Sweet (BSK3282) VG+/VG US-Original
★Lamont Dozier – Out Here On My Own (ABCX804) VG+/VG US-Original
★Leon Haywood – Naturally (T613) VG+/VG US-Original
★Leroy Hutson – Unforgettable (RS13062) VG/VG+ US-Original
★Loleatta Holloway – Queen Of The Night (GA9501) VG+/VG US-PROMO
★Love Committee – Law And Order (GA9500) VG+/VG US-Original
★Mandre – Mandre (M6886S1) G/VG US-Original
★Mandre – Mandre Two (M7900R1) EX/VG US-Original
★Mandre – M3000 (M7917R1) EX/VG+ US-Original
★Mandrill – Mandrill (244050) VG/G US-Original
★Mandrill – We Are One (AB4144) VG/VG US-Original
★Man’s Theory – Just Before Dawn (MCA2250) VG+/VG US-Original
★Marc Sadane – One Way Love Affair (BSK3503) G/VG US-Original
★Marvin Gaye – In Our Lifetime (T8374M1) EX/VG+ US-Original
★Mass Production – Turn Up The Music (SD5226) VG+/VG US-Original
★Maze feat.Frankie Beverly – We Are One (ST12262) VG+/VG+ US-Original
★Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly – Live In New Orleans (SKBK12156) / US
★Melba Moore – Im In Love (C146944) EX/EX US-Original
★Memory Of Justice Band – Right On Time (PER1113) EX/VG ケイマン諸島
★Merry Clayton – Gimme Shelter (SP77001) EX/VG US-Original
★Michael Jackson – Off The Wall (FE35745) EX/VG+ US-Original
★Michael Jackson – Thriller (QE38112) VG/VG+ US-Original
★Michael Jackson – スリラー (253P399) EX/EX JPN 帯 インサート
★Michael Jackson – オフ・ザ・ウォール (253P149) VG/VG JPN 帯 インサート
★Michael Wycoff – Come To My World (AFL13823) VG+/VG US-Original
★Mighty Pope – Sway (RFC3310) VG+/VG US-Original
★Mother’s Finest – Mother’s Finest (PE34179) VG+/VG US-Original
★Musique – Keep On Jumpin’  (PRL12158) EX/VG+ US-PROMO
★Mutiny – Funk Plus The One (JC36597) VG+/VG+ US-PROMO
★New Birth – Behold The Mighty Army (BS3071) VG/VG+ US-Original
★New Horizons – Something New (FC38709) VG/VG+ US-Original
★Odyssey (Soul) – Hollywood Party Tonight (AFL13031) VG+/VG US-Original
★Ohio Players – Fire (SRM11013) EX/EX US-Original
★Ohio Players – Skin Tight (SRM1705) G/G US-Original
★Ohio Players – Honey (SRM11038) VG+/VG US-Original
★Parliament – The Clones Of Dr. Funkenstein (NBLP7034) EX/VG+ US-Original
★Patti LaBelle – The Spirits In It (FZ37380) EX/VG+ US-Original
★Phyllis St. James – Ain’t No Turnin’ Back (6112ML) / US-Original
★Platinum Hook – Platinum Hook (M7899R1) VG+/VG+ US-Original
★Pleasure – Dust Yourself Off (F9473) VG+/VG+ US-Original
★Pleasure – Joyous (F9526) / US-Original
★Pleasure – Future Now (F9578) VG/VG US-Original
★Pleasure – Special Things (F9600) VG/VG US-Original
★Pleasure – Give It Up (AFL14209) VG/VG+ US-Original
★Pleasure – Get To The Feeling (F9550) G/VG+ US-Original
★Pockets – Come Go With Us (PC34879) VG+/VG+ US-Original
★Pockets – Take It On Up (JC35384) VG/VG US-Original
★Quazar – Quazar (AB4187) VG+/VG US-Original
★Rasputin Stash – Devil Made Me Do It (GMS1000) VG/VG US-Original
★Roger (Zapp) – Unlimited! (125496) EX/EX US-Original
★Rufus & Chaka Khan – Masterjam (MCA5103) / US-Original
★Second Image – Second Image (POLS1081) VG+/VG UK-Original
★Shirley Murdock – Shirley Murdock! (9604431) G/VG US-Original
★Shock – Nite Life (F9622) VG+/VG US-Original
★Shock (Funk) – Waves (F9619) VG+/VG US-Original
★Shock (Funk) – Shock (F9613) EX/VG US-Original
★Shotgun – Ladies Choice (ST72007) VG+/VG US-Original
★Silver Platinum & Gold – Hollywood (HR10012) VG+/EX US-Original
★Sister Sledge – We Are Family (SD5209) G/G US-Original
★Soiree – Soiree (BXL13401) VG+/VG US-Original
★Solomon Burke – Cool Breeze (1SE35ST) VG+/VG US-Original
★Stanley Clarke – タイム・エクスポージャー (253P504) EX/VG+ JPN 帯 インサート
★Stephanie Mills – Tantalizingly Hot (NBLP7265) VG+/VG+ US-Original
★Stevie Wonder – Innervisions (T326L) VG+/VG US-Original
★Stevie Wonder – Innervisions (T326L) VG/VG US-Original
★Sun – Destination Sun (ST11941) VG+/VG US-Original
★Syl Johnson – Uptown Shakedown  (HLP6010) EX/VG US-Original
★Sylvester – Stars (F9579) EX/EX US-Original
★Sylvester And The Hot Band – Sylvester And The Hot Band (BTS45) VG/VG US-Original
★T.J.M. – T.J.M. (NBLP7172) VG+/VG US-Original
★Tavares – Sky-High! (ST11533) VG+/VG US-Original
★The 9th Creation – Superheroes (HT1101) G/VG US-Original
★The Bar-Kays – As One (SRM13844) VG/VG US-Original
★The Bar-Kays – Propositions (SRM14065) VG+/VG+ US-Original
★The Bar-Kays – Dangerous  (4228184781M1) VG+/VG US-Original
★The Brides Of Funkenstein – Funk Or Walk (SD19201) VG/VG US-Original
★The Chambers Brothers – A New Time – A New Day  (CS9671) VG/VG US-Original
★The Dells – Give Your Baby A Standing Ovat (CA50037) VG+/VG+ US-Original
★The Dells – Sweet As Funk Can Be (CA50021) VG/VG+ US-Original
★The Dells – They Said It Couldnt Be Done (SRM11145) VG+/VG US-Original
★The Dramatics – Do What You Wanna Do (AA1072) EX/EX US-Original
★The Eleventh House Larry Corye – Level One (AL4052) VG/VG US-Original
★The Fantastic Johnny C. – Boogaloo Down Broadway (SPLP4000) G/VG US-Original
★The Fatback Band – Yum Yum (EV6904) VG/G US-Original
★The Gap Band – The Gap Band III (SRM14003) VG+/VG US-Original
★The Isley Brothers – Go For Your Guns (PZ34432) VG+/VG US-Original
★The Isley Brothers – Go All The Way (FZ36305) EX/VG US-Original
★The Jackson 5 – Skywriter (M761L) VG+/VG US-Original
★The Jackson 5 – Lookin’ Through The Windows (M750L) VG+/VG+ US-Original
★The Jackson 5 – Maybe Tomorrow (MS735) EX/G US-Original
★The Jones Girls – On Target (AFL14817) VG/VG+ US-Original
★The Meters – Trick Bag (MS2252) VG+/VG+ US-Original
★The Meters – New Directions (BS3042) EX/VG+ US-Original
★The Meters – Fire On The Bayou (MS2228) EX/VG+ US-Original
★The Meters – Rejuvenation (MS2200) EX/VG US-Original
★The Mighty Clouds Of Joy – It’s Time (DSX50177) VG+/VG+ US-Original
★The Pointer Sisters – The Pointer Sisters (BTS48) VG+/VG US-Original
★The Reddings – The Awakening  (JZ36875) VG+/VG+ US-Original
★The S.O.S. Band – The S.O.S. Band Too (FZ37449) VG+/VG+ US-Original
★The Salsoul Orchestra – Salsoul Orchestra (SZS5501) VG+/VG US-Original
★The Strikers (Soul) – The Strikers (PRL14100) EX/VG US-PROMO
★The Wild Magnolias – The Wild Magnolias (PD6026) VG+/VG US-Original
★Tower of Power – Back To Oakland (P6370W) EX/VG+ JPN インサート
★Two Tons O’ Fun – Two Tons O’ Fun (F9584) EX/VG+ US-Original
★Tyrone Davis – It’s All In The Game (DK76909) VG/VG US-Original
★Ullanda Mccullough – Ullanda Mccullough (SD19296) EX/VG US-Original
★Vernon Burch – Playing Hard To Get (SW70005) VG+/VG US-Original
★War – Youngblood (UALA904H) VG+/VG+ US-Original
★Willie Hutch – Concert In Blues (M6854S1) VG+/EX US-Original
★Willie Hutch – In Tune (WHK3226) VG/VG US-Original
[ 7インチ ]
★Ace Spectrum – Trust Me (453281) VG+/VG US-PROMO
★Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul So – Planet Rock (TB823) VG+/ US-Original
★Afrique – Soul Makossa / Hot Mud (MRL5542) VG+/ US-Original
★Albert King – Breaking Up Somebody’s Home (STA0147) VG/ US-Original
★Amii Stewart – Knock On Wood (7736) G/ US-Original
★Anita Ward – Ring My Bell (3422) VG/VG US-Original
★Archie Bell & The Drells – Let’s Groove (ZS84775) VG/ US-Original
★Average White Band – If I Ever Lose This Heaven (453285) VG+/VG+ US-PROMO
★Bee Gees – You Should Be Dancing (RS8003) EX/VG US
★Bee Gees – You Should Be Dancing / Subway (RS853) VG+/ US-Original
★Bee Gees – Night Fever / Down The Road (RS889) VG+/VG US-Original
★Ben E. King – Spanish Harlem/Don’t Play That (OS13068) EX/VG+ US
★Ben E. King / The Coasters – Stand By Me / Yakety Yak (789361) VG+/VG+ US-Original
★Billy Preston – Nothing From Nothing / My Soul (1544S) VG+/ US-Original
★Bloodstone – You Know We’ve Learned (451051) VG/VG US-Original
★Bobby Byrd – Funky Soul #1 (K12439) VG+/ US-Original
★Bobby Glenn – Must Be Funk (K102) VG+/ US-PROMO
★Booker T. & The M.G.’s – Mrs. Robinson / Soul Clap ’69 (STA0037) VG/ US-Original
★Booker T. & The MG’s – Soul-Limbo / Heads Or Tails (STA0001) VG/ US-Original
★Breakwater – Splashdown Time / Let Love In (AS0518) VG+/ US-Original
★Brenton Wood – The Oogum Boogum Song (111) VG/ US-Original
★Brenton Wood – Gimme Little Sign (116) VG/ US-Original
★Brick – Dusic (B734) VG+/ US-Original
★Bunny Sigler  – By The Way You Dance  (G74018) VG/ US-Original
★Cameo – Funk Funk / Good Times (CC011) VG+/VG US-Original
★Carl Carlton – Everlasting Love (D2776) G/ US
★Change – A Lover’s Holiday / The End (RCS49208) VG+/ US-Original
★Charles Wright & The Watts 103 – Love Land / Sorry Charlie (7365) VG/VG US-Original
★Charles Wright & The Watts 103 – Love Land / Sorry Charlie (7365) VG/ US-Original
★Cheryl Lynn – Star Love (310907) VG+/VG+ US-PROMO
★Cheryl Lynn – Shake It Up Tonight / Baby (1102102) VG+/ US-Original
★Chic – Good Times (3584) EX/VG US-Original
★Coffee (Disco) – Casanova (DE809) VG+/ US-PROMO
★Con Funk Shun – Electric Lady (8806367) VG+/ US-Original
★Crown Heights Affair – Dreaming A Dream (DEP1570) VG+/ US-Original
★Dave & Ansel Collins – Double Barrel (BT115) VG/G US-Original
★Debbie Gibson – Only In My Dreams (789322) VG+/VG US-Original
★Donald Austin – Crazy Legs / Nanzee (E603) VG/ US-Original
★Donna Summer – Mac Arthur Park (NB939DJ) VG+/VG US-Original
★Donna Summer – I Will Go With You (Con Te Par (3479201) EX/VG+ US-Original
★D-Train – You’re The One For Me (PRL8043) G/ US-Original
★Eastbound Expressway – Never Let Go / Cloudburst (AVI237S) VG+/VG US-Original
★Eddie Simpson – Big Black Funky Slave / Lovin’ (470) EX/ US-PROMO
★Edwin Starr – H.A.P.P.Y. Radio (TC2408) VG+/VG US-Original
★El Chicano – Viva Tirado (K2085) VG+/VG+ US-Original
★El Chicano – Brown Eyed Girl / Mas Zacate (K2173) VG+/ US-Original
★Evelyn “Champagne” King – I Don’t Know If It’s Right (PB11386) VG+/VG US-Original
★Fantastic Four – As Long As The Feeling Is Ther (RT134) VG+/ US-Original
★First Choice – Newsy Neighbors (PG183) VG/ US-Original
★First Choice – Guilty / Wake Up To Me (PG202) VG/ US-Original
★Foxy – Hot Number / Call It Love (5050) VG/VG US-Original
★Funkadelic – One Nation Under A Groove (WBS8618) VG/VG US-Original
★Fuzzy Haskins – Not Yet (WT55411) VG+/VG US-PROMO
★G.Q. – Disco Nights (Rock-Freak) (AS0388) VG+/VG US-Original
★Gary’s Gang – Keep On Dancin’ / Do It At The (310884) VG/VG US-Original
★George McCrae – Rock Your Baby (1004) VG+/ US-Original
★Grandmaster Melle Mel And The – Beat Street Breakdown (789659) VG/ US-Original
★Groundhog – Take It Off/Blues To Take It O (J219) EX/VG+ US-Original
★Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes – Wake Up Everybody (ZS83579) VG+/ US-Original
★Herbie Mann – Hijack / The Orient Express (453246) VG/ US-Original
★Inside Out – Take A Chance (H3015) EX/ US-Original
★Instant Funk – I Got My Mind Made Up (You Can (S72078) VG+/ US-Original
★Isaac Hayes – Don’t Let Go (PD2011) VG+/VG+ US-PROMO
★Isaac Hayes – Don’t Let Go (PD2011) VG+/ US-Original
★James Brown – I Got Ants In My Pants (PD14162) VG/ US-Original
★James Brown – Hot Pants Pt.1 (452501) VG/ US-Original
★James Brown – Oh Baby Don’t You Weep (455842) G/ US-Original
★James Brown /The Famous Flames – I Got You (I Feel Good) (456015) G/ US-Original
★James Brown/The Famous Flames – I Can’t Stand Myself (When You (456144) G/ US-Original
★Johnny Williams – Slow Motion (Part 1) (ZS73518) VG/VG US-PROMO
★K.C. & The Sunshine Band – Get Down Tonight (1009) VG+/ US-Original
★Karen Young – Hot Shot (WES1211) VG/ US-Original
★KC & The Sunshine Band – Please Don’t Go (TKX1035) VG/VG US-Original
★KC & The Sunshine Band – Please Don’t Go (TKX1035) VG/VG US-Original
★King Floyd – Groove Me / What Our Love Need (45435) VG+/VG US-Original
★LaBelle – Lady Marmalade (850048) VG+/VG US-Original
★Lakeside – It’s All The Way Live (YB11380) VG+/ US-Original
★Leon Haywood – Don’t Push It Don’t Force It (TC2443) VG/ US-Original
★Lipps Inc. – Funkytown (NB2233) VG/VG US-Original
★Little Beaver – Katie Pearl / Thats How It Is (1980) G/ US-Original
★Little Milton – That’s What Love Will Make You (STA0111) VG/ US-Original
★Little Sister – Stanga / Somebody’s Watching Y (459001) VG/ US-Original
★Logg – I Know You Will (S72146) EX/ US-Original
★Lowell Fulson – Do You Love Me / Step At A Tim (G533) VG/ US-Original
★Lyn Christopher – Take Me With You / Unrequited (PAA0238) VG+/ US-PROMO
★M/A/R/R/S – Pump Up The Volume (COL2610) VG+/VG+ US
★Mel & Tim – Starting All Over Again (STA0127) G/ US-Original
★Midnight Star – Freak-A-Zoid / Move Me (769828) VG+/ US-Original
★Mike James Kirkland – Love Is(Nothing But A Feeling) (9003) VG+/ US-Original
★Ohio Players – Skin Tight / Heaven Must Be Li (73609) VG/ US-Original
★Ohio Players – Funk-O-Nots / Sleepwalkin’ (74014) VG/VG US-Original
★Ohio Players – Love Rollercoaster / It’s All (73734) VG+/VG+ US-Original
★OhioPlayers – Fire / Together (73643) G/ US-Original
★One Way – Cutie Pie (MCA52049) VG+/ US-Original
★Parliament – Bop Gun (Endangered Species) (NB900) VG+/ US-PROMO
★Parliament – Funkentelechy (NB921) VG+/ US-Original
★People’s Choice – Do It Any Way You Wanna (ZS84769) VG/ US-Original
★Phyllis Nelson – I Like You (Special Mix) / Rea (ZS405719) VG/ US-Original
★Push (Soul) – You Turn Me On (SOS707) G/ US-Original
★Rhetta Hughes – I Can’t Stand Under This Press (T1546) G/ US-Original
★Rhythm Heritage – Theme From S.W.A.T. (ABC12135) VG+/ US-Original
★Ripple – Willie Pass The Water / Get Of (GRC1013) VG+/ US-Original
★Roy Ayers – You Came In To My Life (PD14451) VG+/ US-Original
★Rufus Thomas – Do The Funky Chicken / Sixty M (STX1042) VG+/ US
★Rufus Thomas – 6-3-8 / Love Trap (STA0129) VG+/ US-Original
★Sam Cooke – Twistin’ The Night Away (477983) VG+/VG+ US-Original
★Senor Soul – It’s Your Thing (611) G/ US-PROMO
★Shalamar – Dead Giveaway (769819) G/VG US-Original
★Shalamar – The Second Time Around (YB11709) VG/ US-Original
★Silver Convention – Fly Robin Fly (MB10339) VG/ US-Original
★Skyy – Show Me The Way (S77061) VG/ US-Original
★Sly & The Family Stone – Family Affair / Luv N’ Haight (510805) G/VG US-Original
★Sly & The Family Stone – Stand!  (510450) VG/G US-Original
★Sly & The Family Stone – Everyday People / Sing A Simpl (510407) VG+/VG US-Original
★Sly & The Family Stone – I Ain’t Got Nobody (3951) VG+/ US-Original
★Sly Stone – I Get High On You (850135) VG/ US-Original
★South Side Movement – Can You Get To That (WDJ11259) VG/ US-PROMO
★Starpoint – Restless / It’s All Yours (769561) VG/VG US-Original
★Starpoint – Object Of My Desire (769621) VG/VG US-Original
★Stephanie Mills – What Cha Gonna Do With My Lovi (TC2403) VG+/ US-Original
★Steve Arrington’s Hall Of Fame – Hump To The Bump (789715) VG+/ US-Original
★Stone – Time (WES1239) VG+/ US-Original
★Sylvester – Can’t Stop Dancing (FANTASY879) VG/ US-Original
★The Beginning Of The End – Funky Nassau (A4595) VG+/VG US-Original
★The Beginning Of The End – Funky Nassau (A4595) VG/ US-Original
★The Blackbyrds – Walking In Rhythm / The Baby (FANTASY736) VG/ US
★The Chambers Brothers – Boogie Children (445837) EX/ US-PROMO
★The Chambers Brothers – Time Has Come Today (433136) VG/VG US
★The Delegates / Charles Kynard – Convention ’72 / Funky Butt (MRL5525) EX/ US-Original
★The Fifth Dimension – Go Where You Wanna Go (753) G/ US-Original
★The Fifth Dimension – One Less Bell To Answer (940) VG/VG US-Original
★The Hues Corporation – Rock The Boat (APB00232) VG+/VG US-Original
★The Impressions – Ain’t Got Time / I’m So Proud (CR1957) VG+/ US-Original
★The Joneses – Sugar Pie Guy (73614) EX/ US-Original
★The Meters – Sophisticated Cissy (451001) VG+/ US-Original
★The Michael Zager Band – Let’s All Chant (PS45184) G/ US-Original
★The Nite-Liters – Serenade For A Jive Turkey (APB00244) VG+/ US-Original
★The Politicians – Free Your Mind (HS7114) VG+/ US-Original
★The S.O.S. Band – Just Be Good To Me (ZS403955) VG/ US-Original
★The Variations – I Love You And Disco Too (S72104) VG/ US-Original
★The Winners – Get On Up And Do It (7729) VG+/ US-PROMO
★The Younghearts – We’ve Got Love (You Better Bel (TC2190) VG+/ US-PROMO
★Tower Of Power – So Very Hard To Go (9002) VG+/VG US
★Trussel – Love Injection (E46560) VG/VG US-Original
★Twilight 22 – Street Love (VSD35250) VG+/ US-PROMO
★Ultra High Frequency – We’re On The Right Track (WND11257) VG/ US-Original
★Vaughan Mason & Crew – Bounce Rock Skate Roll (BL55548) VG/ US-PROMO
★Village People – Can’t Stop The Music (NB2261) VG+/VG US-Original
★Village People – Y.M.C.A. / The Women (NB945) VG+/VG US-Original
★Village People – Ready For The 80’s (NB2220) VG+/VG US-Original
★War – Why Can’t We Be Friends? (UAXW629X) VG/VG US-Original
★War – The World Is A Ghetto (50975) VG/VG US-Original
★War – The Cisco Kid/Beetles In The B (UAXW163W) VG+/ US-Original
★War – Gypsy Man / Deliver The Word (UAXW281W) VG/ US-Original
★War – Slippin’ Into Darkness (50867) G/ US-Original
★War – Me And Baby Brother (UAXW350W) VG/VG US-Original
★War – Sun Oh Son / Lonely Feelin’ (SUA50746) VG/VG US-Original
★War – Ballero/Slippin’ Into Darkness (UAXW432W) VG+/VG US-Original
★War – Get Down / All Day Music (50815) VG/VG US-Original
★Wilson Pickett – Funky Broadway (452430) VG/VG US-Original