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〈TOWER VINYL〉中古放出! (記事数 / 26)

7/30(土) 中古レコード スウィート&メロウ・ソウル放出!

7/30(土) スウィート&メロウ・ソウル放出!


シルク・ソニックのヒットで注目を集める “スウィート&メロウ” なソウルをカーティス・メイフィールドやモーメンツなど定番を中心にLPと7インチあわせて200枚ほど集めました。






Aaron Frazer – Introducing… (DOC220) 未開封/ US-Original
Aaron Frazer – Introducing… (DOC220) 未開封/ US-Original
Aaron Frazer – Introducing… (DOC220) 未開封/ US-Original
Aaron Frazer – Introducing… (DOC220) 未開封/ US-Original
Aaron Frazer – Introducing… (DOC220) 未開封/ US-Original
Aaron Frazer – Introducing… (DOC220) 未開封/ US-Original
Active Force – Active Force (SP4932) VG+/VG US-Original
Al Green – Let’s Stay Together (SHL32070) VG/VG US-Original
Alicia Myers – I Appreciate (MCA5485) VG+/VG+ US-Original
Alton McClain & Destiny – Alton McClain & Destiny (PD16163) VG+/VG US-Original
Anglo-Saxon Brown – Songs For Evolution (SD18192) VG+/VG US-Original
Archie Bell & The Drells – Dance Your Troubles Away (PZ33844) VG+/VG US-Original
Aretha Franklin – Freeway Of Love (AS19354) VG+/VG US-Original
Aretha Franklin – Get It Right (AL88019) G/VG+ US-Original
Aretha Franklin – Jump To It (AL9602) VG+/VG+ US-Original
Aretha Franklin – La Diva (SD19248) VG+/VG US-Original
Aretha Franklin – Sparkle (SD18176) VG+/VG US-Original
Aretha Franklin – Love All The Hurt Away (AL9552) VG/VG+ US-Original
Aretha Franklin – Aretha Arrives (SD8150) VG+/VG+ US-Original
Aretha Franklin – Almighty Fire (SD19161) EX/VG+ US-Original
Aretha Franklin – With Everything I Feel In Me (SD18116) VG+/VG+ US-Original
Aretha Franklin – Hey Now Hey (SD7265) VG+/VG+ US-Original
Atlantic Starr – Brilliance (SP4883) VG+/VG US-Original
Bee Gees – How Deep Is Your Love (RS882) VG+/VG+ US-Original
Bee Gees – How Deep Is Your Love (RS882) VG+/VG+ US-Original
Ben E. King – Street Tough (SD19300) VG+/VG US-Original
Betty Wright – Baby Sitter / Outside Woman (A4614) VG+/ US-Original
Billy Butler & Infinity – Hung Up On You (PRD0018) VG+/VG+ US-PROMO
Billy Paul – 360 Degrees Of Billy Paul (SEPC65351) VG+/G UK-Original
Bloodstone – Natural High / Outside Woman (283) EX/VG US
Blue Magic – Three Ring Circus (457004) VG+/VG US-Original
Brenda & The Tabulations – I Keep Coming Back For More (CCLP2002) EX/VG+ US-Original
Brighter Side Of Darkness – Love Jones / I’m The Guy (TC2002) VG+/VG US-Original
Candi Staton – Chance (BSK3333) VG+/VG+ US-Original
Candi Staton – Candi Staton (BSK3428) VG+/VG US-Original
Candi Staton – Music Speaks Louder Than Words (BS3040) VG+/VG US-Original
Candi Staton – Nightlites (SH265) VG+/VG+ US-Original
Champaign – Try Again (3803563) G/ US-Original
Chocolate Jam Company – The Spread Of The Future (JE35746) VG/VG US-Original
Clarence Reid – Funky Party / Winter Man (A4621) VG/ US-Original
Con Funk Shun – Spirit Of Love (SRM13806) VG+/VG+ US-Original
Con Funk Shun – Electric Lady (4228243451M1) EX/VG US-Original
Curtis Mayfield – Curtis Live (CRS8008) EX/VG+ US-Original
Curtis Mayfield – Sweet Exorcist (CR2005N) VG/ US-Original
Curtis Mayfield – Curtis In Chicago (CRS8018) VG+/G US-Original
Danny Pearson – Barry White Presents Mr. Danny (JZ35633) VG+/VG US-Original
David Ruffin & Eddie Kendrick – One More For The Lonely Hearts (69257R) VG+/VG US-Original
Don Covay – Super Dude I (SRM1653) VG+/VG US-Original
Don Covay & The Goodtimers – Seesaw / Mercy Mercy (OS13037) VG+/ US
Donna Summer – I Love You (NB907) VG+/VG US-Original
Dorothy Moore – Special Occasion (1052) VG+/ US-Original
Elusion – I’d Like To Say I Love You (850402) EX/VG+ US-PROMO
Faith Hope & Charity – Life Goes On (APL11827) VG+/VG US-Original
Fantastic Four – Night People (W226) VG+/VG US-Original
First Choice – Guilty / Wake Up To Me (PG202) VG/ US-Original
First Choice – Guilty / Wake Up To Me (PG202) VG/ US-Original
Four Tops – Ain’t No Woman (Like The One I (D4339) VG+/VG US-Original
Fred Parris & The Satins – Fred Parris And The Satins (60152) VG+/VG US
Freda Payne – Payne And Pleasure (DSX50176) VG+/VG+ US-Original
Freda Payne – Out Of Payne Comes Love (ABCD901) VG+/VG US-Original
G.C. Cameron – Love Songs & Other Tragedies (M6819S1) VG+/VG US-Original
Gene Chandler – Groovy Situation (73083) VG+/ US-Original
Gladys Knight & The Pips – Part Time Love (BDA513N) VG/ US-Original
Gladys Knight & The Pips – I Feel A Song (BDS5612) VG+/VG US-Original
Glenn Jones – Take It From Me (AFL15807) VG+/VG+ US-Original
Glenn Jones – Finesse (NFL18036) VG+/VG US-Original
Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes – Wake Up Everybody (PZ33808) EX/VG+ US-Original
Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes – Black & Blue (KZ32407) EX/VG+ US-Original
Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes – I Miss You (KZ31648) VG+/VG US-Original
Harry Ray – It’s Good To Be Home (SH269) VG+/VG US-Original
Heatwave – Boogie Nights (850370) VG/ US-Original
Isaac Hayes – Don’t Let Go (PD2011) VG+/ US-Original
Isley Jasper Isley – Different Drummer (Z40409) VG+/VG+ US-Original
Isley Jasper Isley – Caravan Of Love (BFZ40118) VG+/VG+ US-Original
Isley Jasper Isley – Broadway’s Closer To Sunset Bl (FZ39873) VG/VG+ US-Original
James Gilstrap – Love Talk (RLX105) VG+/G US-Original
Johnnie Taylor – Your Love Is Rated X / Here I  (310541) VG+/ US-Original
Johnny Bristol – Hang On In There Baby (M3G4959) G/VG US-Original
KC & The Sunshine Band – Please Don’t Go (TKX1035) VG/VG US-PROMO
Keith Barrow – Physical Attraction (JC35597) VG+/VG US-Original
Kevin Toney – Special K (F9616) EX/VG US-Original
L.T.D. – Love To The World (SP4589) EX/VG+ US-Original
LaBelle – Moon Shadow (BS2618) VG/VG US-Original
Laura Lee – I Can’t Make It Alone (KZ33133) VG/VG US-PROMO
Laura Lee – Two Sides Of Laura Lee (HA714) VG+/VG US-Original
Lee Garrett – Heat For The Feets (CHR1109) VG+/VG+ US-Original
Leon Haywood – Come And Get Yourself Some (T476) VG/EX US-Original
Leon Haywood – Sugar Lump (TC2103) G/ US-Original
LeRoy Hutson – Closer To The Source (CUK5018) G/VG US-Original
Leroy Hutson – Unforgettable (RS13062) VG+/VG US-PROMO
LeRoy Hutson – Closer To The Source (CUK5018) VG+/VG US-Original
Leroy Hutson – Feel The Spirit (CU5010) VG+/VG US-Original
Little Beaver – Party Down (1993) G/ US-Original
Major Harris – My Way (SD18119) VG/VG US-Original
Major Harris – Jealousy (SD18160) VG/VG US-Original
Man’s Theory – Just Before Dawn (MCA2250) VG+/VG US-Original
Margie Joseph – Feeling My Way (SD19182) VG+/VG US-Original
Marvin Gaye – Dream Of A Lifetime (FC39916) VG/G US-Original
Marvin Gaye – Sexual Healing (CNR03344) VG+/VG US-Original
MasterPiece – The Girl’s Alright With Me (WHK3389) VG+/VG US-Original
Maxi Priest – Groovin’ In The Midnight (NR12617) VG+/ US-Original
McKinley Mitchell – McKinley Mitchell (203) VG+/VG US-Original
Michael Henderson – In The Night-Time (BDS5712) VG/VG US-Original
Midnight Star – Victory (60145) EX/VG+ US-Original
Minnie Riperton – Perfect Angel (KE32561) EX/EX US-Original
Minnie Riperton – Love Lives Forever (SOO12097) VG+/VG US-Original
Moments – Sharp (ST1034) EX/VG US-Original
Natalie Cole – Miss You Like Crazy (B50185) EX/VG+ US-Original
Natures Divine – In The Beginning (INF9013) VG+/VG US-Original
Norman Feels – Shame (JSA515) G/ US-Original
Ohio Players – Contradiction (SRM11088) VG/VG US-Original
Ohio Players – Skin Tight (SRM1705) VG/VG US
Ohio Players – Fire (SRM11013) VG+/VG+ US-Original
Patti LaBelle – The Spirits In It (FZ37380) VG+/EX US-Original
Phyllis Hyman – Living All Alone (ST53029) VG+/EX US-Original
Phyllis Hyman – Goddess Of Love (AL88021) VG+/VG+ US-Original
Phyllis Hyman – Phyllis Hyman (BDS5681) EX/EX US-Original
Phyllis Hyman – Somewhere In My Lifetime (AB4202) EX/VG+ US-Original
Phyllis Hyman – You Know How To Love Me (AL9509) VG/VG+ US-Original
Phyllis Hyman – Can’t We Fall In Love Again (AL9544) VG+/VG+ US-Original
Pleasure – Get To The Feeling (F9550) EX/VG+ US-Original
Pleasure – Special Things (F9600) EX/VG US-Original
Pleasure – Future Now (F9578) VG/VG US-Original
Pockets – Come Go With Us (PC34879) EX/VG+ US-Original
R.B. Hudmon – Closer To You (SD5204) VG+/VG US-Original
Randy Brown – Midnight Desire (CCLP2010) VG/G US-PROMO
Randy Brown – Intimately (RRLP9012) VG+/VG US-PROMO
Ray Goodman & Brown – Ray Goodman & Brown (PD16240) VG+/VG+ US-Original
Ray Goodman & Brown – Stay (PD16341) EX/VG US-Original
Roberta Flack – Feel Like Makin’ Love (SD18131) EX/VG+ US
Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway – Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway (SD7216) VG+/VG+ US-Original
Rodney Franklin – You’ll Never Know  (JC36122) VG+/VG US-Original
Ronnie Dyson – (If You Let Me Make Love To Yo (C30223) VG+/VG US-Original
Ronnie Dyson – Phase 2 (SD5234) VG+/VG+ US-Original
Ronnie Dyson – One Man Band (KC32211) VG+/VG+ US-Original
Rufus – Tell Me Something Good (ABC11427) VG/ US-Original
Shirley Brown – Shirley Brown (AL4129) VG+/VG US-Original
Side Effect – What You Need (F9513) VG/VG US-Original
Side Effect – After The Rain (6E+261) VG+/VG US-Original
Side Effect – Side Effect (F9491) VG+/G US-Original
Sidney Joe Qualls – So Sexy (T587) EX/EX US
Skip Mahoaney And The Casuals – Land Of Love (ABET410) EX/VG US-Original
Sonny Charles – The Sun Still Shines (HR102AE) EX/VG US-Original
Soul Children – Finders Keepers (PE33902) VG+/VG US-PROMO
Stevie Wonder – Innervisions (T326L) VG+/VG US-Original
Stevie Wonder – Songs In The Key Of Life (T13340C2) EX/VG US-Original
Sweet Sensation – Sad Sweet Dreamer (PYE12110) VG/VG US-Original
Sweet Thunder – Above The Clouds (WM626) EX/VG US-Original
Sweet Thunder – Sweet Thunder (F9547) VG+/VG US-Original
Syreeta – Syreeta (T7372R1) VG+/VG+ US-Original
Syreeta – Stevie Wonder Presents Syreeta (M6808S1) EX/VG US-Original
Syreeta – One To One (T6349S1) EX/VG+ US-Original
Syreeta / G.C. Cameron – Rich Love Poor Love (M6891S1) VG+/VG US-Original
Teddy Pendergrass – Workin’ It Back (604471) EX/EX US-Original
Terry Callier – I Just Can’t Help Myself (CA50041) VG+/VG US-Original
The Chi-Lites – Oh Girl / Have You Seen Her (4501) VG+/VG+ US
The Chi-Lites – Have You Seen Her / Yes I’m Re (B55462) VG+/VG US-Original
The Chi-Lites – Oh Girl (B55471) VG+/VG US-Original
The Chi-Lites – Bottom’s Up (LR8103) VG+/VG+ US-Original
The Escorts (R&B) – Look Over Your Shoulder (AR6052) G/ US-Original
The Escorts (R&B) – 3 Down 4 To Go (AR9106) VG/VG US-Original
The Fantastic Four – Best Of The Fantastic Four (SS717) VG/VG US-Original
The Five Stairsteps – O-o-h Child / Dear Prudence (BDA165) G/ US-Original
The Fuzz – I Love You For All Seasons (GG147) VG+/ US
The Impressions – I’m So Proud / Never Let Me Go (A1003) EX/ US
The Impressions – Choice Of Colors (CR1943) G/ US-Original
The Independents – The First Time We Met (WDS694) G/VG US-Original
The Isley Brothers – Go All The Way (FZ36305) VG+/VG+ US-Original
The Isley Brothers – Grand Slam (FZ37080) VG+/VG+ US-Original
The Jimmy Castor Bunch – Troglodyte (Cave Man) / I Prom (481029) VG+/VG US-Original
The Joneses – The Joneses (PE34898) VG+/VG US-Original
The Main Ingredient – Afrodisiac (LSP4834) VG+/VG US-Original
The Main Ingredient – Bitter Sweet (LSP4677) VG+/VG US-Original
The Mighty Clouds Of Joy – It’s Time (DSX50177) VG+/VG+ US-Original
The Mirettes – In The Midnight Hour  (RS7205) VG/VG US-Original
The Moments – My Thing (ST1022) VG+/VG+ US-Original
The Moments – Love On A Two-Way Street (ST5012) VG+/ US-Original
The Persuaders – Best Thing That Ever Happened  (SD7046) EX/VG US-Original
The Rance Allen Group – Say My Friend (ST11613) VG+/G US-Original
The Reddings – The Awakening  (JZ36875) VG+/VG+ US-Original
The Soul Children – Genesis (STS3003) VG+/VG+ US-Original
The Spinners (R&B) – Medley: Cupid /I’ve Loved You (3664) VG/VG US-Original
The Spinners (R&B) – Love Trippin’ (SD19270) VG+/VG+ US-Original
The Stylistics – The Stylistics (AV11023598) VG+/VG US-Original
The Whispers – Bingo (JXS7006) VG+/VG US-Original
Timmy Thomas / Nat Kendrick & – Why Can’t We Live Together (COL3342) VG+/VG+ US
Tony Troutman – Your Man Is Home Tonight (L4000) VG/VG US-Original
Tyrone Davis – Turn Back The Hands Of Time (45616) G/ US-Original
War – Gypsy Man / Deliver The Word (UAXW281W) VG+/ US-Original
War – Gypsy Man / Deliver The Word (UAXW281W) G/ US-Original
War – Galaxy (MCA3030) VG+/VG US-Original
Willie Hutch – Color Her Sunshine (M6871S1) VG+/VG+ US-Original
Willie Hutch – Concert In Blues (M6854S1) VG+/VG+ US-Original
Wright Brothers Flying Machine – Wright Brothers Flying Machine (NBLP7112) VG+/VG US-Original