STAFF BLOG > 8/6(土) 中古レコード ソウル/DJユース特集放出!

〈TOWER VINYL〉中古放出! (記事数 / 26)

8/6(土) 中古レコード ソウル/DJユース特集放出!

8/6(土) 中古レコード ソウル/DJユース特集放出情報!


レア・グルーヴ ~ ファンク/ブギー ~ サンプリング・ソースなどDJユースなタイ









((( LP )))
★9th Creation – Superheroes (PASTDUELP07) VG+/EX US
★Ace Spectrum – Low Rent Rendezvous (SD18143) EX/VG US-ORIGINAL
★Bill Summers & Summers Heat – Jam The Box (MCA5266) VG+/VG+ US-ORIGINAL
★Brass Construction – Attitudes (LT51121) VG/VG US-ORIGINAL
★Calloway – All The Way (Z75310) VG+/VG+ US-ORIGINAL
★Cameo – Single Life (4228245461M1) EX/EX US-ORIGINAL
★Cheryl Lynn – Instant Love (FC38057) EX/VG US-ORIGINAL
★Cheryl Lynn – Preppie (FC38961) EX/VG US-ORIGINAL
★Chic – Chic (SD19153) VG+/EX US-ORIGINAL
★Chic – Risque (SD16003) EX/VG+ US-ORIGINAL
★Chocolat’s – Kings Of Clubs (TJS4500) EX/VG+ US-PROMO
★Cold Fire – Too Cold (ST12096) VG+/G US-ORIGINAL
★Curtis Mayfield – Super Fly (CRS8014) EX/VG+ US
★Curtis Mayfield – Curtis (CRS8005) G/VG US-ORIGINAL
★D.J. Rogers – Love Brought Me Back (JC35393) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL
★Deniece Williams – This Is Niecy (PC34242) EX/VG+ US-ORIGINAL
★Dennis Coffey & The Detroit Gu – Electric Coffey (SXBS7021) EX/VG US-ORIGINAL
★Deodato – Prelude (CTI6021S1) EX/VG+ US
★Detroit Emeralds – Feel The Need (WB302) EX/VG+ US-ORIGINAL
★Don Covay – Hot Blood (SRM11020) VG+/G US-ORIGINAL
★Donald Byrd – Places And Spaces (BNLA549G) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL
★Donald Byrd – Street Lady (BNLA140F) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL
★Donald Byrd – Thank You For FUML (6E+144) VG+/VG+ US-PROMO
★Donna Summer – Love To Love You Baby (OCLP5003) VG/VG+ US-ORIGINAL
★Donny Hathaway – Come Back Charleston Blue (SD7010) EX/VG US-ORIGINAL
★Dutch Robinson – Nothin’s Got Me (UALA783G) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL
★Earth Wind & Fire – Head To The Sky (KC32194) VG+/VG+ US-ORIGINAL
★Earth Wind & Fire – All ‘N All (JC34905) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL
★Earth Wind & Fire – Earth Wind & Fire (WS1905) VG+/VG+ US
★Family Brown – Imaginary World (UALA828G) VG+/G US-ORIGINAL
★Fat Larry’s Band – Off The Wall (STX4103) VG+/VG+ US-ORIGINAL
★Fire – Fire (7802) EX/EX US-ORIGINAL
★Freeez – I.O.U. (SWRL3302) EX/VG US-ORIGINAL
★Gary Chandler – Outlook (EB9001) EX/G US-PROMO
★Gil Scott Heron – Moving Target (AL9606) / US-ORIGINAL
★Gotham Flasher – Gotham Flasher (K2501) VG+/VG+ US-ORIGINAL
★GQ – Face To Face (AL9547) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL
★Hal Frazier – Hal Frazier (VS136) VG/G US-ORIGINAL
★Herbie Hancock – Blow-Up – The Original Soundtr (4M122) VG+/VG+ US
★Herbie Hancock – ヘッド・ハンターズ (18AP2179) EX+/EX+ JPN 帯 インサート
★Herbie Hancock – Head Hunters (KC32731) EX/VG US-ORIGINAL
★Honey Cone – Soulful Tapestry (HA707) EX/VG+ US-ORIGINAL
★Idris Muhammad – Boogie Boots / Foxhuntin’ (D136) VG+/VG+ US-PROMO
★Imagination – Body Talk (MCA5341) VG+/G US
★J.B;S Internationals – Jam II Disco Fever (PD16153) EX/VG+ US-PROMO
★Jimmy “Bo” Horne – Dance Across The Floor (7801) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL
★Jimmy Castor – Hey Leroy (MGS27091) EX/VG US-ORIGINAL
★Joe Tex – The Best Of Joe Tex (8144) VG+/VG+ US
★John Gary Williams – John Gary Williams (STS5503) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL
★Johnny Guitar Watson – A Real Mother For Ya (DJLPA7) VG+/VG+ US-ORIGINAL
★King Curtis – Live At Fillmore West (40214) VG+/VG DEU-ORIGINAL
★Kitty Winter Gipsy Nova – Feel It (SWLP1016) VG+/VG+ DEU
★Kleeer – License To Dream (SD19288) EX/EX US-ORIGINAL
★Kool & The Gang – In The Heart (DSR8508) EX/EX US-ORIGINAL
★Kool & The Gang – Forever (4228303981M1) EX/EX US-ORIGINAL
★Kool & The Gang – Emergency (4228229431M1) VG+/EX US-ORIGINAL
★Kool & The Gang – As One (DSR8505) VG+/EX US-ORIGINAL
★Lamont Dozier – Black Bach (ABCD839) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL
★Lee Morgan – ザ・サイドワインダー (BST84157) VG+/VG+ US
★Lightnin’ Rod – Hustlers Convention (CEL6107) EX/EX US
★Loleatta Holloway – Loleatta (GZS7500) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL
★Lonnie Liston Smith – Expansions (BDL10934) VG+/G US-ORIGINAL
★Lonnie Liston Smith – Exotic Mysteries (JC35654) VG/VG US-ORIGINAL
★M.F.S.B. – Love Is The Message (KZ32707) VG+/EX US-ORIGINAL
★Mandrill – Just Outside Of Town (PD5059) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL
★Mandrill – Solid (UALA408G) VG+/VG+ US-ORIGINAL
★Marvin Gaye – I Want You (T6342S1) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL
★Marvin Gaye – Dream Of A Lifetime (FC39916) VG+/VG+ US-ORIGINAL
★Marvin Gaye – Live At The London Palladium (T7352R2) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL
★Marvin Gaye – Midnight Love (FC38197) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL
★Marvin Gaye – In Our Lifetime (T8374M1) VG/VG US-ORIGINAL
★Marvin Gaye – Let’s Get It On (T329V1) VG+/VG+ US-ORIGINAL
★Michael Jackson – The Best Of Michael Jackson (M5194V1) VG+/EX US
★Miles Davis – Bitches Brew (PG26) EX/VG US
★Monk Higgins – Little Mama (UALA005F) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL
★Mtume – Juicy Fruit (FE38588) VG+/VG+ US-ORIGINAL
★Norman Connors – ダンス・オブ・マジック (YZ24CO) EX/VG+ JPN インサート
★Otis Redding / The Jimi Hendri – Historic Performances Recorded (MS2029) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL
★Patrice Rushen – Patrice (6E+160) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL
★Patrice Rushen – Straight From The Heart (E160015) VG/VG+ US-ORIGINAL
★Patrice Rushen – Pizzazz (6E+243) G/VG US-ORIGINAL
★Peter Brown – A Fantasy Love Affair (104) VG+/VG+ US-ORIGINAL
★Pleasure – Special Things (F9600) EX/EX US-ORIGINAL
★Pleasure – Give It Up (AFL14209) EX/VG+ US-ORIGINAL
★Pleasure – Future Now (F9578) VG/VG+ US-ORIGINAL
★Prince – 1999 (9237201F) VG+/VG+ US-ORIGINAL
★Ray  Goodman&Brown – Ray  Goodman&Brown II (PD16299) EX/EX US-ORIGINAL
★Rick James – Street Songs (G81002M1) VG+/VG+ US-ORIGINAL
★Rotary Connection – Dinner Music (LPS328) VG/G US-ORIGINAL
★Roy Ayers – No Stranger To Love (PD16246) VG/G US-ORIGINAL
★Smokey Robinson And The Miracl – Flying High Together (T318L) VG+/VG+ US-ORIGINAL
★Sugar Billy – Super Duper Love (FTS601) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL
★Sweat Band – Sweat Band (EPC84795) VG+/VG NLD-ORIGINAL
★The Blackbyrds – Unfinished Business (F9518) VG+/VG+ US-ORIGINAL
★The Controllers – Next In Line (200005) VG/VG US-ORIGINAL
★The Ghana Soul Explosion – Soul Makossa (SPC3354) VG/VG US-ORIGINAL
★The Incredible Bongo Band – Bongo Rock (PRD0028) G/VG US-ORIGINAL
★The Intruders – Cowboys To Girls (SG5004) VG+/G US-ORIGINAL
★The Isley Brothers – Smooth Sailin’ (125586) EX/VG+ US-ORIGINAL
★The Isley Brothers – Go For Your Guns (PZ34432) VG+/VG+ US-ORIGINAL
★The Isley Brothers – The Heat Is On (PZ33536) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL
★The Jackson 5 – Greatest Hits (M741L) VG+/VG+ US-ORIGINAL
★The Jackson 5 – Moving Violation (M682951) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL
★The Jackson 5 – ABC (S709) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL
★The Main Ingredient – Shame On The World (APL11003) VG+/VG+ US-ORIGINAL
★The Time – Ice Cream Castle (125109) EX/EX US-ORIGINAL
★The Trammps – The Legendary Zing Album (BDS5641) VG+/VG+ US-ORIGINAL
★The Whispers – Just Gets Better With Time (ST72554) EX/EX US-ORIGINAL
★Various Artists – Breakin’ (4228219191Y1) VG/VG US-ORIGINAL
★Willie Bobo – Hell Of An Act To Follow (JC35374) VG/VG US-ORIGINAL
★Young Holt Unlimited – Soulful Strut (BL754144) G/VG US-ORIGINAL


((( 7inch )))
★Al Green – Livin’ For You (452257) VG/ US-ORIGINAL
★Archie Bell & The Drells – Let’s Groove (ZS84775) VG/ US-ORIGINAL
★Aurra – A Little Love / In My Arms (S77023) VG+/ US-ORIGINAL
★Barrino Brothers – Try It You’ll Like It (IS9121) G/ US-ORIGINAL
★Bee Gees – You Should Be Dancing / Subway (RS853) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL
★Bee Gees – Stayin’ Alive (RS885) VG/VG US-ORIGINAL
★Benny Johnson – Visions Of Paradise / Stop Me (TS1525) G/ US-ORIGINAL
★BIG-RE-MAN – ソノサキハ (MRV002) EX/EX JPN
★Bobby “Blue” Bland – You’re All I Need / Deep In My (416) VG+/ US-PROMO
★Bobby Womack – Check It Out / Interlude #2 (UAXW621X) G/ US-ORIGINAL
★Booker Newberry III – Love Town (NB121837) VG+/ US-ORIGINAL
★Brinkley & Parker – Don’t Get Fooled By The Pander (DA1111) EX/ US-ORIGINAL
★Bronner Brothers – Self Conscious / Robot Woman (BB005) EX/VG US-ORIGINAL
★C&C Music Factory – Here We Go / Gonna Make You Sw (3873772) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL
★Chanson – Don’t Hold Back (7717) EX/ US-ORIGINAL
★Charles Wright – (Well I’m) Doin’ What Cums Nat (D4364) G/ US-ORIGINAL
★Chic – Le Freak b/w Savoir Faire (3519) VG/ US
★Cookin’ Bag – This Is Me (45101) EX/ US-ORIGINAL
★Danny Cox – You Can’t Hold Me Back (NB806) EX/ US-ORIGINAL
★Dave Hubbard – Respect Yourself (MRL5515) VG+/ US-ORIGINAL
★David Bowie – Fashion / Scream Like A Baby (PB12134) G/VG US-ORIGINAL
★David Bowie – Fame / Right (PB10320) VG+/VG+ US-ORIGINAL
★David Bowie – Golden Years / Can You Hear Me (PB10441) VG/G US-ORIGINAL
★David M. Bowie And Heartbeat – Blackfoot / Lust Me (DFP3001) EX/ US-ORIGINAL
★Diana Ross – Telephone / Fool For Your Love (PB14032) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL
★Diana Ross – Muscles / I Am Me (PB13348) EX/VG+ US-ORIGINAL
★Evelyn “Champagne” King – I’m In Love / The Other Side O (PB12243) G/ US-ORIGINAL
★Evelyn “Champagne” King – I Don’t Know If It’s Right (PB11386) VG/ US-ORIGINAL
★Faye Adams – Hurts Me To My Heart (JG729) VG/ US-ORIGINAL
★Finesse & Synquis – I’ll Be There (MCA53392) VG+/VG+ US-ORIGINAL
★Geater Davis – Don’t Marry A Fool / Sweet Wom (HO452401) VG/ US-ORIGINAL
★Gladstone Anderson – No Hiding Place / I Never Been (CP10) EX/ JPN
★J.J. Malone – It’s A Shame / Danger Zone (G784) VG/ US-ORIGINAL
★Jackie Lee – Your Sweetness Is My Weakness (55259) EX/VG US-ORIGINAL
★Jane Child – Don’t Wanna Fall In Love (719933) EX/VG+ US-ORIGINAL
★Joe Simon – Get Down Get Down (SPR156) VG+/ US-ORIGINAL
★Joey Negro – Must Be The Music/Prove That Y (PPR001) VG+/ JPN
★John & Ernest – Super Fly Meets Shaft (RW201) VG+/ US-ORIGINAL
★John & Ernest – Super Fly Meets Shaft (RW201) VG+/ US-ORIGINAL
★Johnnie Taylor – Somebody’s Gettin’ It  (310334) VG+/ US-ORIGINAL
★Johnnie Taylor – I Wanna Get Into You (111373) VG+/VG+ US-PROMO
★Lakeside – It’s All The Way Live (YB11380) G/ US-ORIGINAL
★Leon Haywood – I Want’ A Do Something Freaky (TC2228) VG+/ US-ORIGINAL
★Lionel Hampton – There It Is (55507) VG+/ US-PROMO
★Lipps Inc. – Designer Music (NB2348) EX/ US-ORIGINAL
★Loleatta Holloway – Worn Out Broken Heart (GM4000) VG+/ US-ORIGINAL
★Lou Rawls – You’ll Never Find Another Love (ZS83592) VG+/ US-ORIGINAL
★Malo (Latin Rock) – Suavecito / Nena (WB7559) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL
★Mariah Carey – Emotions / Vanishing (3873977) EX/VG+ US-ORIGINAL
★Maxi Priest – That Girl / Heartbreak Lover (S719173) VG+/ US
★Merl Saunders – San Francisco After Dark (S214) EX/VG+ US-ORIGINAL
★Michael Jackson – Who Is It / Wanna Be Startin’  (3474406) EX/EX US-ORIGINAL
★Michael Jackson – Jam (3474333) EX/VG+ US-ORIGINAL
★Michael Jackson – Billie Jean (3403509) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL
★Michael Jackson – Beat It / Get On The Floor (3403759) VG+/VG+ US-ORIGINAL
★Michael Jackson – She’s Out Of My Life (950871) VG+/VG+ US-ORIGINAL
★Michael Jackson – Dirty Diana (3407739) VG+/ US-ORIGINAL
★Michael Jackson – Rock With You (950797) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL
★Michael Jackson – Human Nature / Baby Be Mine (3404026) VG+/VG+ US-ORIGINAL
★Michael Jackson – Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ (3403914) EX/VG+ US-ORIGINAL
★Michael Jackson – Thriller /Can’t Get Outta The (3404364) VG+/VG+ US-ORIGINAL
★Michael Jackson / The Jacksons – P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) (3404165) VG+/VG+ US-ORIGINAL
★Monofide – Come Along With Me And Party / (MRV523) EX/ US-ORIGINAL
★Moody Scott – (We Gotta) Bust Out Of The Ghe (SS72660) G/ US-ORIGINAL
★Mr. X – I Pity The Man (BS001) EX/ US-ORIGINAL
★New Kids On The Block – Tonight / Hold On (3873461) VG+/ US-ORIGINAL
★Nu Flavor – Sweet Sexy Thing (717402) EX/EX US-ORIGINAL
★Odds & Ends – Love Makes The World Go Round (T1003) VG+/ US-ORIGINAL
★One Way – Cutie Pie / Mr. Groove (TDY1002) EX/
★ONEGRAM – Crazy Love (FLRS116) VG+/VG+ JPN
★P.M. Dawn – Looking Though Patient Eyes (4228620247) / US-ORIGINAL
★Pamala Stanley – Coming Out Of Hiding (TR105) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL
★Paul Humphrey & His Cool Aid C – Cool Aid / Detroit (X21006) VG+/ US-ORIGINAL
★Paul Kelly (Soul) – Stealing In The Name Of The Lo (HTS541) VG/ US-ORIGINAL
★Paul Smith (Piano) – Chinese Samba /Dragon Rock (1) EX/ US-ORIGINAL
★People’s Choice – I Likes To Do It (349) VG+/ US-ORIGINAL
★Peter Brown – You Should Do It /Without Love (6272) VG+/VG+ US-ORIGINAL
★Prince – U Got The Look / Housequake (1592077) VG+/G POL
★Salt ‘N Pepa – Push It (Remix) (KF315) VG+/ US-ORIGINAL
★Sister Sledge – We Are Family (44251) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL
★Slowly – I Like It feat. Jasmine Kara  (FLRS127) EX/ JPN
★Society’s Bag – Let It Crawl (WB7622) VG+/ US-PROMO
★Tara Kemp – Hold You Tight (719458) EX/ US-ORIGINAL
★The Afternoon Delights – General Hospi-tale (MCA51148) VG+/ US-ORIGINAL
★The Bar-Kays – Midnight Cowboy (VOA4019) VG+/ US-ORIGINAL
★The Bar-Kays – Dance Dance Dance (VOA4081) VG+/ US-ORIGINAL
★The Beginning Of The End – Funky Nassau (A4595) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL
★The Eleventh Hour – Hollywood Hot (TC2215) VG/ US-ORIGINAL
★The Fantastic Johnny C. – Boogaloo Down Broadway (305) VG+/ US-ORIGINAL
★The Friends Of Distinction – Time Waits For No One (740385) VG/VG US-ORIGINAL
★The Joneses – Name Of The Game (73719) VG/ US-ORIGINAL
★The Supremes – My World Is Empty Without You (COL433) EX/VG+ US
★The Temprees – At Last (XPA1812) G/ US-PROMO
★Timmy Thomas – Let Me Be Your Eyes (1712) EX+/ US-ORIGINAL
★TKA – One Way Love (TB8667) VG/ US-ORIGINAL
★Tyrone Davis – Love Bones / Let Me Back In (45621) G/ US-ORIGINAL
★Tyrone Davis – I’ll Be Right Here (45618) VG/ US-ORIGINAL
★Tyrone Davis – One-Way Ticket / We Got A Love (DK624) VG+/ US-ORIGINAL
★U.S. Warren – The Drop (211) VG+/ US-ORIGINAL
★Us3 – Tukka Yoot’s Riddim (S717967) EX/ US
★War – Livin’ In The Red / Low Rider (LS9502) VG+/ US
★Whitney Houston – Love Will Save The Day (AS19720) VG/ US-ORIGINAL
★Whitney Houston – Thinking About You (AS19412) VG/VG US-ORIGINAL
★Wilson Pickett – Call My Name I’ll Be There (452824) VG/ US-ORIGINAL
★Wilson Pickett – Don’t Knock My Love (452797) VG/ US-ORIGINAL