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〈TOWER VINYL〉中古放出! (記事数 / 65)

12/17(土) 中古レコード【RARE GROOVE】放出!




マニア垂涎!The Stark Reality / Hoagy Carmichael’s Music Shop (AJPLPS5166)をはじめ

Kashmere Stage Band / Zero Point (K104) や

前回のセールでも即完しお問い合わせも多かったDamn Sam The Miracle Man And The Soul Congregation (TS0001)も再入荷です。

他にもプロモオンリーのLeon Ware /  Why I Came To California (67982)12インチシングルなどなど









((( ITEM LIST)))
94 East (Prince) – Minneapolis Genius (HLP3223) / US-ORIGINAL 未開封 Prince
Afrique – Soul Makossa (MRL394) / US-ORIGINAL 未開封 レアグルーヴA to Z掲載
Alfa Mist – Antiphon (2) VG+/EX UK-ORIGINAL 2LP 1stプレス ナンバー入り12/250
Antonio Carlos Jobim – The Composer Of Desafinado (V8547) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL MONO DG
Archie Bell & The Drells – There’s Gonna Be A Showdown (SD8226) EX/VG+ US-ORIGINAL BROADWAYラベル SHRINK CS
Baby Huey – The Baby Huey Story (CRS8007) EX/VG US-ORIGINAL
Batiste Brothers Band – Freeze (181952) EX/VG+ US-ORIGINAL
Beauregarde – Beauregarde (FE1001) VG/VG+ US-ORIGINAL SHRINK
Bernard Purdie – Purdie Good ! (PRST10013) EX/VG+ US GREENラベル
Bettye Swann – The Soul View Now (ST190) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL CS
Billy Paul – War Of The Gods (KZ32409) VG+/VG+ US-ORIGINAL インサート
Bob Azzam & The Great Expectat – Bob Azzam & The Great Expectat (AFSD6228) EX/VG+ US-ORIGINAL
Bobby Womack – My Prescription (LP24027) VG+/VG+ US-ORIGINAL SHRINK
Bobby Womack – Across 110th Street (UAS5225) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL CUT
Breakwater – Splashdown (AB4264) VG+/EX US-ORIGINAL SHRINK INSV
Breakwater – Breakwater (AB4208) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL INSV
Cecil McBee – Mutima (SES7417) / US-ORIGINAL 未開封 初版ジャケ裏STRATAロゴなし
Cecil Payne – Zodiac (SES19734) EX/VG US-ORIGINAL 463Wアドレス CUT
Colorblind – Crazy (MLP15016) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL PROMOスタンプ
Composer’s Workshop Ensemble – Composers Workshop Ensemble (SES19723) / US-ORIGINAL 未開封 463アドレス
Damn Sam The Miracle Man And T – Damn Sam The Miracle Man And T (TS0001) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL
Danny Hathaway – In Performance (SD19278) VG+/VG+ US-ORIGINAL
David Axelrod – Songs Of Experience (SKAO338) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL
David T. Walker – Press On (SP77020) VG+/VG+ US-ORIGINAL SHRINK CS
DeBarge – In A Special Way (6061GL) EX/VG+ US-ORIGINAL INSV
DeBarge – All This Love (6012GL) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL CUT
Dexter Wansel – Life On Mars (PZ34079) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL
Donald Byrd – Caricatures (BNLA633G) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL プロデュースはマイゼル・ブラザーズ
Donald Byrd – Places And Spaces (BNLA549G) VG+/G US-ORIGINAL INSV
Donny Hathaway – Live (SMAS94360) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL CLUB EDITION
Doug Carn – Infant Eyes (BJ/3) VG/VG US-ORIGINAL SHRINK TANラベル
Doug Carn – Spirit Of The New Land (BJQD/8) VG+/VG+ US-ORIGINAL SHRINK
Doug Carn – Revelation (BJQD/16) VG/VG+ US-ORIGINAL SHRINK
Fela Ransome-Kuti & The Africa – Kalakuta Show (M2320) EX/VG+ US-ORIGINAL
Fela Ransome-Kuti & The Africa – Expensive Shit (EM2315) EX/VG+ US GREENラベル
Fela Ransome-Kuti & The Africa – Alagbon Close (EM2313) VG+/VG US
Fela Ransome-Kuti & The Africa – Lady / Shakara (2C06281718) VG+/VG+ FRA-PROMO
Freeway – Freeway (NB7030) VG+/VG CAN-PROMO
Funkadelic – Hardcore Jollies (BS2973) VG+/VG+ US-ORIGINAL CS
Gary Wilson – Cornerstone (BF11111) EX/VG+ US-ORIGINAL プライベート・プレス
Gene Russell – New Direction (BJ/1) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL CUT
George Freeman – Franticdiagnosis (GR003) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL SHRINK
George McCrae & Gwen McCrae – Together (2606) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL
Gil Scott-Heron / Brian Jackso – The First Minute Of A New Day (A4030) EX/VG US-ORIGINAL Gatefold / CS
Gloster Williams & Master Cont – Praying Spirit (LADCP1952) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL CUT
Henry Franklin – The Skipper At Home (BJQD17) EX/VG US-ORIGINAL SHRINK CUT
Herbie Hancock   – Fat Albert Rotunda (WS1834) VG+/VG+ US-ORIGINAL GREENラベル SHRINK
High Fashion – Feelin’ Lucky (ST12214) VG/VG US-ORIGINAL NO CUT / SHRINK / HYPE STICKER
Ian Willson – Straight From The Heart (MPPA1297) / US-ORIGINAL 未開封 BBEコンピ収録A4含む自主制作盤
Inner Life – Inner Life (SA8543) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL Ain’t No Mountain High Enough
James Brown – Hot Pants (PD4054) EX/VG+ US-ORIGINAL
James Brown – Revolution Of The Mind (PD3003) VG+/VG+ US-ORIGINAL 2LP
James Brown – Mutha’s Nature (PD16111) / US-ORIGINAL 未開封
Jeanne Lee – Conspiracy (5) VG+/VG+ US-ORIGINAL
Jeff Floyd – Don’t Leave Me (COD005) / US-ORIGINAL 12″ 未開封
Joe Bataan – Gypsy Woman (SLP340) VG+/VG+ US-ORIGINAL GOLDラベル SHRINK
John Gary Williams – John Gary Williams (STS5503) /VG US-ORIGINAL 未開封 CUT
Juju – A Message From Mozambique (SES19735) EX/VG+ US-ORIGINAL SHRINK
Karriem – I Love You (PH1010) VG+/VG+ US-ORIGINAL 12″ SHRINK
Kashmere Stage Band – Expo.’75 Concert Tour Japan Ok (K108) VG/VG US-ORIGINAL
Kashmere Stage Band – Zero Point (K104) EX/VG+ US-ORIGINAL
Kellee Patterson – Maiden Voyage (BJQD/12) EX/VG US-ORIGINAL CUT
King Curtis – Live At Small’s Paradise (SD33198) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL PURPLE/BROWNラベル CS
Kwick – Kwick (SW17025) / US-ORIGINAL 未開封 CUT
Lemuria – Lemuria (AL00001) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL
Leon Ware – Why I Came To California / Can (67982) VG+/VG US-PROMO 12″ PROMO ONLY
Leroy Hutson – Hutson II (CU5011) VG/VG US-ORIGINAL
Leroy Hutson – Feel The Spirit (CU5010) VG+/VG+ US-ORIGINAL SHRINK
Lifestyle – Lifestyle (MCA2246) / US-ORIGINAL 未開封 CUT
Lonnie Liston Smith – Renaissance (APL11822) VG/VG US-ORIGINAL
Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosm – Visions Of A New World (BDL11196) VG+/VG+ US-ORIGINAL
Lou Donaldson – Hot Dog (BST84318) G/VG US-ORIGINAL 青白LIBERTY VANGELDER刻印
Madhouse – 16 (9256581) / US-ORIGINAL 未開封 CUT
Martha & The Vandellas – Watchout! (G920) VG+/VG+ US-ORIGINAL G規格 DG CS
Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On (TS310) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL TS規格
Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On (T310) VG/VG US-ORIGINAL T規格 SHRINK
Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On (S310) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL S規格
Mike Ballard & After Midnight – Tight Jean (LDR001) VG/VG US-ORIGINAL 12″
Milton Nascimento – Sentinela (201610) VG+/VG BRA-PROMO インサート
Minnie Riperton – Come To My Garden (GRT30001) EX/VG+ US-ORIGINAL PROMO COPY
Moses Tyson Jr. – Do You Want It (ST12255) EX/EX US-ORIGINAL SHRINK / スライ・ストーンの従兄弟
Muddy Waters – Electric Mud (LPS314) VG+/G US-ORIGINAL
Obatala – Obatala (LP30006) EX/VG+ US-ORIGINAL SHRINK
Ohio Players – Graduation (A403OPLP) EX/EX US-ORIGINAL SHRINK CS
Opus Seven – Thoughts (SOR27000) EX/VG US-ORIGINAL PROMOシール スタンプ
Parliament – Funkentelechy Vs. The Placebo (NBLP7084) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL ポスター(破れ) コミック両方付いてるのはレアです
Patti Austin – End Of A Rainbow (CTI5001) EX/VG US-ORIGINAL 珠玉の名曲”Say You Love Me” 76年バージョン収録
Patti Austin – In My Life (CTI9009) VG+/EX US-ORIGINAL SHRINK 珠玉の名曲”Say You Love Me” 83年バージョン収録
Pharoah Sanders – Izipho Zam (My Gifts) (SES19733) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL
Ralfi Pagan – Ralfi Pagan (SLP377) EX/VG+ US-ORIGINAL SHRINK
Ralfi Pagan – With Love (SLP397) EX/VG US-ORIGINAL SHRINK
Robert Owens / American Montag – In Your Lifetime (BSR715) / US-ORIGINAL 12″ 未開封
Rodriguez – Cold Fact (SXBS7000) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL CUT
Roslyn & Charles – Everything Must Change (CLP1) VG+/VG US-PROMO CUT
Roy Ayers Ubiquity – Mystic Voyage (PD6057) VG/VG US-ORIGINAL
Roy Ayers Ubiquity – Red Black & Green (PD16078) VG+/VG US CUT
Roy Ayers/Wayne Henderson (Jaz – Step In To Our Life (PD16179) VG+/VG US-PROMO INSV
S.O.U.L. – What Is It (MS3195) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL
S.O.U.L. – Can You Feel It (MS3230) VG/VG US-ORIGINAL
Sharon Ridley – Full Moon (JZ35377) EX/VG US-PROMO
Sir James – Sophisticated Funk (JR1) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL
Sly & The Family Stone – Heard Ya Missed Me Well I’m Ba (PE34348) VG+/VG US-PROMO PROMOステッカー INSV
Splendor – Splendor (JC35798) VG/VG US-PROMO HYPE STICKER / INSV
Stage Coach – Playing Games (USI1001) / US-ORIGINAL 未開封 ラメがキレイな状態で残っているのはレア
Stanley Cowell – Musa – Ancestral Streams (SES19743) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL
Stevie Wonder – Songs In The Key Of Life (T13340C2) EX/VG US-ORIGINAL 2LP+7″ ブックレット ポケットなし
Super Sounds – Namba (ALP1002) VG+/VG+ US-ORIGINAL SHRINK
Superior Movement – The Key To Your Heart (FZ38098) EX/EX US-ORIGINAL HYPE STICKER / SHRINK
Terry Huff And Special Deliver – The Lonely One (MRL420) EX/VG+ US-ORIGINAL
The 3 Pieces – Vibes Of Truth (F9476) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL PROMO COPY
The Artistics – I’m Gonna Miss You (BL754123) VG+/VG+ US-ORIGINAL
The Awakening – Mirage (BJQD/15) VG/VG US-ORIGINAL Quadraphonic CUT
The Awakening – Hear Sense And Feel (BJQD/9) EX/VG US-ORIGINAL
The Descendants Of Mike & Phoe – A Spirit Speaks (SES19744) VG/VG+ US-ORIGINAL SHRINK
The Heath Brothers – Marchin’ On! (SES19766) VG+/VG+ US-ORIGINAL サイン入り
The Meters – New Directions (BS3042) EX/VG+ US-ORIGINAL INSV
The Ray Camacho Band – Reach Out (CA120) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL
The Silhouettes – Conversations With The Silhoue (SEG1001) / US-ORIGINAL 未開封
The Staple Singers – Let’s Do It Again (CU5005) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL CUT
The Stark Reality – Hoagy Carmichael’s Music Shop (AJPLPS5166) VG+/VG US-ORIGINAL 2LP
The Sunburst Band – The Easton Assassin (KP1006) EX/VG US-ORIGINAL 12″ CUT
The Sylvers – The Sylvers II (PRD0026) VG/VG US-ORIGINAL
The Sylvers – The Sylvers (PRD0007) EX/VG US-ORIGINAL CUT
The Voices Of  East Harlem – Can You Feel It (JSS3504) EX/VG+ US-PROMO CUT
Wah Wah Watson – Elementary (PC34328) EX/VG+ US-ORIGINAL 豪華な面々参加の唯一作で捨曲なしの傑作
Wasatch – Dance Music For All Kinds Of D (823) / US-ORIGINAL 未開封 極上メロウグルーヴAORファンにもオススメ!
Willie Hutch – Soul Portrait (LSP4213) VG+/G US-ORIGINAL