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渋谷店限定!〈BGO Records〉2枚以上ご購入で10%OFFのマルチバイセール開催!
  • 2022年03月11日
  • カテゴリ / 洋楽


渋谷店限定!〈BGO Records〉マルチバイセール開催!!

2枚以上購入で10% OFF!!

Fleetwood Mac、Roy Buchanan、Boz Scaggsといった60’s~80’sのクラシック・ロックから、JAZZ~BLUES~SOULなどの名盤/迷盤を復刻し続ける、ヨーロッパで最も信頼できるレーベルのひとつ、
〈BGO Records〉のCDを2枚以上ご購入いただくと、10%OFFとなるマルチバイセールを開催!



3/4(金)~ 終了日未定








アーティスト タイトル 品番 価格(税込)
Ace (Rock) Five-A-Side/Time for Another/No Strings BGOCD1360 ¥2,690
Adrian Belew Mr Music Head/Inner Revolution BGOCD1363 ¥2,390
Albert Hammond It Never Rains In Southern California/Free Electric Band [Remaster] BGOCD611 ¥2,390
Albion Country Band Battle of the Field BGOCD354 ¥2,190
Angel (70’s Rock) Angel / Helluva Band [Remaster](2CD/RM) BGOCD716 ¥2,690
Angel (70’s Rock) On Earth As It Is In Heaven / White Hot(RM) BGOCD893 ¥2,690
Angel (70’s Rock) Sinful(RM) 6121088 ¥2,190
April Wine First Glance/Harder… Faster [Remaster](RM) BGOCD762 ¥2,390
Argent Argent/Ring Of Hands [Remaster](RM) BGOCD480 ¥2,690
Atlanta Rhythm Section Dog Days / Red Tape(RM) BGOCD874 ¥2,390
Atlanta Rhythm Section Third Annual Pipe Dream / A Rock And Roll Alternative(RM) BGOCD877 ¥2,390
Atlanta Rhythm Section Atlanta Rhythm Section / Back Up Against The Wall(2CD/RM/REISSUE) BGOCD917 ¥2,390
Atlanta Rhythm Section Under Dog / The Boys From Doraville(2CD/RM) BGOCD918 ¥2,390
Atlanta Rhythm Section Are You Ready!(2CD/REISSUE) BGOCD1052 ¥2,690
Atlanta Rhythm Section Champagne Jam(RM) BGOCD1098 ¥2,190
Bachman-Turner Overdrive Bachman-Turner Overdrive / Bachman-Turner Overdrive II(RM) BGOCD1082 ¥2,390
Bachman-Turner Overdrive Head On/Freeways 2960355 ¥2,390
Bachman-Turner Overdrive Street Action/Rock N Roll Nights 3516682 ¥2,390
Beggars Opera Act One/Waters of Change(2CD/RM) BGOCD1168 ¥2,690
Beggars Opera Pathfinder/Get Your Dog Off Me(2CD) BGOCD1207 ¥2,390
Billy J. Kramer Listen/I’ll Keep You Satisfied/Little Children/Trains & Boats & Planes(2CD/RM) BGOCD1146 ¥2,690
Billy Squier Emotions In Motion/Signs Of Life(2CD/RM) BGOCD792 ¥2,690
Blood, Sweat & Tears New Blood/No Sweat/More Than Ever(2CD/RM) BGOCD1074 ¥2,690
Boz Scaggs Moments(RM) BGOCD812 ¥2,390
Boz Scaggs My Time/Slow Dancer BGOCD813 ¥2,390
Boz Scaggs Middle Man/Other Roads BGOCD1311 ¥2,690
Brian Poole & The Tremeloes/Mike Smith Twist & Shout/It’s About Time [Slipcase] 645 ¥2,690
Buddy Holly That’ll Be the Day/Remember 564 ¥2,390
Buddy Holly & The Crickets Chirping Crickets/Buddy Holly BGOCD517 ¥2,390
Cass Elliot Cass Elliot / The Road Is No Place For A Lady / Don’t Call Me Mama Anymore(2CD/RM) BGOCD947 ¥2,690
Chuck Berry Bio/Chuck Berry ’75 BGOCD1459 ¥2,390
Circus Of Power Circus of Power/Vices/Magic & Madness/Live at the Ritz BGOCD1421 ¥2,690
Clover (Country Rock) Unavailable / Love on the Wire BGOCD1096 ¥2,690
Colosseum II Electric Savage/War Dance BGOCD1451 ¥2,690
Commander Cody Rock ‘N’ Roll Again/Flying Dreams(DIGI) BGOCD1456 ¥2,690
Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen Commander Cody And His Lost Planet Airmen/Tales From The Ozone/We’ve Got A Live One Here!(2CD/RM) BGOCD1238 ¥2,690
Connie Francis Sings Italian Favorites / More… [Remaster](RM) BGOCD725 ¥2,390
Cressida Cressida/Asylum (2CD/RM) BGOCD866 ¥2,690
Dan Fogelberg Home Free/Souvenirs(2CD) BGOCD709 ¥2,690
Dan Fogelberg Captured Angel/Nether Lands(2CD) BGOCD764 ¥2,690
Dave Kelly Keeps It in the Family/Dave Kelly BGO61214632 ¥2,690
Dave Mason Alone Together/Headkeeper BGOCD675 ¥2,390
Dave Mason Dave Mason / Split Coconut BGOCD848 ¥2,190
David McWilliams Lord Offaly/The Beggar and the Priest/Livin’s Just a State of Mind(+BT) BGOCD1425 ¥2,690
Derringer Derringer/Sweet Evil 586 ¥2,390
Dory Previn Mary C. Brown/On My Way to Where BGOCD381 ¥2,690
Doug Sahm Doug Sahm & Band/Texas Tornado/Groovers Paradise(2CD) BGOCD1259 ¥2,690
Dr. Hook Pleasure & Pain / Sometimes You Win…(REISSUE/RM) BGOCD906 ¥2,390
Dr. Hook Bankrupt / A Little Bit More(RM/REISSUE) BGOCD915 ¥2,390
Duane Eddy Twenty Terrific Twangies/Water Skiing BGOCD831 ¥1,590
Ducks Deluxe Ducks Deluxe/Taxi to the Terminal Zone BGOCD539 ¥2,690
Eddie Money Where’s the Party?/Can’t Hold Back/Nothing to Lose/Right Here(RM) BGOCD1379 ¥2,690
Edgar Winter Group They Only Come Out at Night / Shock Treatment BGOCD828 ¥2,390
Edgar Winter’s White Trash Roadwork BGOCD590 ¥2,190
Eric Burdon & The Animals Winds Of Change/The Twain Shall… BGOCD562 ¥2,690
Eric Burdon & The Animals Love Is(RM) BGOCD1036 ¥2,190
Eric Burdon & The Animals Every One Of Us(RM) BGOCD1244 ¥2,190
Firefall Firefall/Luna Sea/Elan(2CD/RM) BGOCD1234 ¥2,690
Firefall Undertow/Clouds Across the Sun/Break of Dawn(2CD) BGOCD1319 ¥2,690
Firehose Flyin The Flannel / Mr. Machinery Operator / Live Totem Pole E.P. BGOCD1378 ¥2,690
Fleetwood Mac English Rose (RM) BGOCD750 ¥2,190
Frank Marino The Power Of Rock And Roll / Juggernaut(RM) BGOCD1061 ¥2,690
Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush Live / Tales Of The Unexpected / What’s Next(2CD/RM) BGOCD894 ¥2,690
Gary Lewis & The Playboys (You Don’t Have To) Paint Me A Picture / New Directions / Now!(2CD/RM) BGOCD1067 ¥1,690
Gary Puckett & The Union Gap Young Girl/Incredible(RM/REISSUE/+1) BGOCD827 ¥2,390
Gary Puckett & The Union Gap Woman, Woman/The New Gary Puckett and the Union Gap Album/The Gary Puckett Album(+BT/RM) BGOCD1374 ¥2,690
Geno Washington & The Ram Jam Band Hand Clappin’ Foot Stompin’ Funky-Butt… Live!/Shake A Tail Feather/Hipsters. Flipsters. Finger-Poppin’ Daddies!/Running Wild Plus A & B Sides And E.P. Tracks BGOCD1433 ¥3,090
Gentle Giant Three Friends / Octopus(RM) BGOCD1090 ¥2,690
Gentle Giant Gentle Giant/Acquiring the Taste(2CD/RM) BGOCD1095 ¥2,690
Georgie Fame Seventh Son/Going Home [Remaster](RM) BGOCD700 ¥2,390
Georgie Fame George Does His Thing With Strings/Knock On Wood(2CD) BGOCD1194 ¥2,690
Gino Vannelli Powerful People/Storm At Sunup(RM) BGOCD843 ¥2,390
Gnidrolog In Spite Of Harry’s Toe Nail/Lady Lake BGOCD637 ¥2,390
Gordon Lightfoot Dream Street Rose/Shadows/Salute(2CD/RM) BGOCD1239 ¥2,690
Gordon Lightfoot East Of Midnight/Waiting For You/A Painter Passing BGOCD1325 ¥2,690
Gracious Gracious!/This Is…Gracious!! BGOCD256 ¥2,690
Gun (60’s) Gun/Gunsight BGOCD459 ¥2,390
Herman’s Hermits Herman’s Hermits/Both Sides of/There’s a Kind of Hush/Mrs Brown You’ve Got Lovely Daughter(2CD/RM) BGOCD1145 ¥2,690
Ian Carr With Nucleus Plus/Howard Carp/Nucleus (Jazz) Alleycat/In Flagrante Delicto BGOCD 565 ¥2,390
Jackie De Shannon Me About You / Laurel Canyon / Put A Little Love In Your Heart / To Be Free BGOCD1443 ¥2,690
Jan Akkerman Aranjuez BGOCD835 ¥2,190
Jan Akkerman Tabernakel/Eli 2969492 ¥2,390
Janne Schaffer Katharsis/Earmeal/Presens(2CD) BGOCD1289 ¥2,690
Jerry Lee Lewis The Killer Rocks On/Boogie Woogie Country Man 635 ¥2,390
Jerry Lee Lewis Country Songs For City Folk/Memphis Beat 658 ¥2,390
Jerry Lee Lewis Another Place Another Time/She Still Comes Around 659 ¥2,390
Jerry Lee Lewis Touching Home / Would You Take Another Chance On Me?(RM) BGOCD1102 ¥2,390
Jerry Lee Lewis Who’s Gonna Play This Old Piano/Sometimes a Memory Ain’t Enough(RM) BGOCD1174 ¥2,390
Jerry Lee Lewis I-40 Country/Odd Man In BGOCD1216 ¥2,390
Jerry Lee Lewis Together/Live at the International, Las Vegas/In Loving Memory(2CD) BGOCD1276 ¥2,690
Joan Baez Blowin Away / Honest Lullaby / European Tour(2CD) BGOCD1247 ¥2,690
John Hiatt Hangin’ Around The Observatory/Overcoats [Remastered] BGOCD711 ¥2,390
John Mayall Turning Point BGOCD145 ¥2,190
John Mayall Notice to Appear/A Banquet in Blues BGOCD495 ¥2,690
Johnny Rivers Help Me Rhonda BGOCD1303 ¥2,190
Johnny Winter/Edgar Winter Together BGOCD779 ¥2,190
Judie Tzuke Ritmo(RM) BGOCD992 ¥1,590
Juicy Lucy Juicy Lucy/Lie Back And Enjoy It/Get A Whiff A This + Bonus Tracks BGOCD1441 ¥2,990
Kokomo Kokomo/Rise and Shine [Remaster](2CD/RM) BGOCD777 ¥2,690
Lake (Germany) Lake / Lake 2 / Paradise Island(RM) BGOCD1124 ¥2,690
Lake (Germany) Ouch! / Hot Day BGOCD1246 ¥2,390
Legend (Mickey Jupp) Legend (”Red Boot”)/Moonshine(2CD/RM) BGOCD1169 ¥2,690
Les Dudek Les Dudek/Say No More BGOCD749 ¥2,690
Leslie West Mountain BGOCD479 ¥2,190
Lita Ford Stiletto(RM) BGOCD958 ¥2,190
Lita Ford Lita / Dangerous Curves(RM) BGOCD1134 ¥2,390
Loggins & Messina Full Sail / Mother Lode(2CD/REISSUE) BGOCD746 ¥2,690
Loggins & Messina On Stage(RM) BGOCD1113 ¥2,690
Loverboy Loverboy/Get Lucky BGOCD719 ¥2,390
Loverboy Keep It Up/Lovin’ Every Minute Of It(RM) BGOCD740 ¥2,390
Mahogany Rush Mahogany Rush IV/World Anthem(2CD/RM) BGOCD793 ¥2,690
Mama’s Boys Power And Passion(REISSUE/RM) BGOCD908 ¥2,690
Marianne Faithfull North Country Maid/Love in a Mist(+6/RM) BGOCD1227 ¥2,690
Matthew Fisher Matthew Fisher/Strange Days BGOCD308 ¥2,390
Matthews Southern Comfort/Ian Matthews Later That Same Year(RM/+3) BGOCD807 ¥2,190
May Blitz May Blitz/2nd of May BGOCD153 ¥2,390
Mike Harrison Mike Harrison/Smokestack Lightning/Rainbow Rider(2CD/RM) BGOCD1224 ¥2,690
Mr. Fox Mr. Fox/The Gipsy BGOCD1412 ¥2,390
Mungo Jerry A & B Sides And E.P. Tracks 1970-75 BGOCD1435 ¥2,690
Neal Schon/Jan Hammer Untold Passion/Here to Stay BGOCD1384 ¥2,390
New Riders Of The Purple Sage Gypsy Cowboy/Adventures of Panama Red BGOCD509 ¥2,090
Nucleus (UK) Labyrinth/Roots BGOCD567 ¥2,690
Ozark Mountain Daredevils The Ozark Mountain Daredevils/I’ll Shine When It Shines BGOCD648 ¥2,690
Ozark Mountain Daredevils The Car Over the Lake Album BGOCD737 ¥2,390
Pamela Polland Have You Heard The One About The Gas Station Attendant?(RM) BGOCD1369 ¥1,590
Poco The Very Best Of Poco BGOCD370 ¥2,190
Poco Pickin’ up the Pieces/Poco BGOCD612 ¥2,690
Poco Deliverin’/Crazy Eyes(RM) BGOCD720 ¥2,390
Poco Seven/Cantamos BGOCD721 ¥2,390
Randy Meisner One More Song/Randy Meisner 3459323 ¥2,690
Redbone Already Here/Wovoka/Beaded Dreams Through Turquoise Eyes(2CD/RM) BGOCD1277 ¥2,690
REO Speedwagon R.E.O. Speedwagon/R.E.O./T.W.O. BGOCD775 ¥2,690
Richard Thompson Across A Crowded Room CD139 ¥2,190
Richie Furay I’ve Got A Reason/Dance A Little Light/I Still Have Dreams BGOCD1310 ¥2,690
Rick Derringer All American Boy/Spring Fever BGOCD549 ¥2,390
Rita Coolidge Rita Coolidge/Nice Feelin’(RM) BGOCD846 ¥2,390
Rockin’ Berries In Town/Life Is Just A Bowl Of Berries + Bonus Tracks, EP Tracks and A+ B Sides BGOCD1440 ¥2,990
Rodney Crowell Ain’t Living Long Like This/But What Will The neighbours Think/Rodney Crowell(2CD) BGOCD1188 ¥2,690
Rossington Collins Band This Is The Way/Any Time Any Place BGOCD448 ¥2,690
Roy Buchanan Roy Buchanan / Second Album BGOCD541 ¥2,390
Roy Buchanan Live Stock/Street Called Straight BGOCD682 ¥2,390
Roy Buchanan That’s What I Am Here For / Rescue Me(RM) BGOCD806 ¥2,390
Roy Buchanan Loading Zone/You’re Not Alone(2CD) 3516684 ¥2,690
Ry Cooder The Border BGOCD1394 ¥2,190
Savoy Brown Raw Sienna/Looking In [Remaster](RM) BGOCD666 ¥2,390
Savoy Brown Lion’s Share/Jack the Toad BGOCD731 ¥2,690
Savoy Brown Skin ‘N’ Bone/Savage Return [4/7](2CD/RM) BGOCD845 ¥2,390
Scott Walker Stretch/We Had It All BGOCD358 ¥2,390
Sea Level Ball Room BGOCD1268 ¥2,190
Sha Na Na Rock & Roll is Here To Stay/Sha Na Na BGOCD815 ¥2,390
Sha Na Na The Night is Still Young/The Golden Age of Rock ‘N’ Roll(2CD/RM) BGOCD1150 ¥2,690
Sha Na Na From The Streets Of New York/Hot Sox/Sha Na Now BGOCD1306 ¥2,690
Shawn Phillips Collaboration/Faces(RM) BGOCD1469 ¥2,990
Skid Row (Irish) Skid/34 Hours(+BT/2CD) BGOCD1302 ¥2,690
Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes Reach Up And Touch The Sky(RM) BGOCD1101 ¥2,190
Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes The Jukes/Love Is A Sacrifice BGOCD1409 ¥2,690
Spirit Spirit of ’76 605 ¥2,690
Spirit Future Games/Spirit of ’84 657 ¥2,690
Stephen Stills Stills/Illegal Stills/Thoroughfare Gap [Remaster](2CD/RM) BGOCD748 ¥2,690
Steppenwolf Monster BGOCD126 ¥2,190
Steppenwolf At Your Birthday Party/ Steppenwolf 7 BGOCD336 ¥2,690
Steve Goodman Steve Goodman / Somebody Else’s Troubles(RM) BGOCD1077 ¥2,690
Stoneground Family Album(2CD) 3459322 ¥2,690
Stoneground Stoneground/Stoneground 3 3493248 ¥2,690
Streetwalkers Downtown Flyers 542 ¥2,190
Streetwalkers Red Card/ Vicious But Fair BGOCD669 ¥2,690
Sun (Funk) Wanna Make Love/Sun-Power/Sunburn(2CD/RM) BGOCD1225 ¥2,690
Sweeney’s Men Sweeney’s Men/Tracks Of Sweeney(RM) BGOCD1298 ¥2,690
Terry Reid Rogue Waves BGOCD140 ¥2,190
Terry Reid Seed of Memory [Remaster] BGOCD619 ¥2,190
The Allman Brothers Band Reach for the Sky / Brothers of the Road(2CD/RM/REISSUE) BGOCD810 ¥2,390
The Box Tops The Letter/Neon Rainbow/Cry Like A Baby/Non Stop/Dimension BGOCD1400 ¥2,690
The Crickets Bubblegum, Bop, Ballad and Boogies/Remnants/A Long Way From Lubbock BGOCD1427 ¥2,690
The Dixie Dregs Dregs Of The Earth/Unsung Heroes/Industry Standard(2CD/RM) BGOCD1162 ¥2,690
The Flock The Flock/Dinosaur Swamp 552 ¥2,690
The Flying Burrito Brothers Close Up The Honky Tonks(REISSUE) BGOCD1050 ¥2,190
The Four Pennies 2 Sides Of The Four Pennies/Mixed Bag BGOCD346 ¥2,390
The Hooters Nervous Night/One Way Home/Zig Zag(2CD/RM) BGOCD1072 ¥2,690
The Incredible String Band Hard Rope & Silken Twine(RM) BGOCD1093 ¥2,190
The Incredible String Band U(2CD/RM) BGOCD1164 ¥2,690
The Incredible String Band Wee Tam & The Big Huge(2CD) BGOCD1191 ¥2,690
The Incredible String Band Incredible String Band/5000 Spirits or the Layers of the Onion (2CD) 2960352 ¥2,690
The James Gang Straight Shooter/Passin’ Thru BGOCD662 ¥2,390
The James Gang Bang/Miami(RM) BGOCD1172 ¥2,390
The John Dummer Blues Band Cabal / John Dummer Band(2CD/RM) BGOCD911 ¥2,690
The Mamas & The Papas Mamas & The Papas Deliver, The/Papas & The Mamas, The BGOCD462 ¥2,390
The McCoys/McCoys Infinite McCoys/Human Ball(2CD) BGOCD796 ¥2,690
The Motels All Four/Little Robbers (RM) BGOCD863 ¥2,690
The Rascals (US) Peaceful World/The Island Of Real(RM) BGOCD802 ¥2,690
The Roulettes Stakes And Chips BGOCD130 ¥1,090
The Routers Let’s Go! With The Routers/The Routers Play 1963’s Great Instrumental Hits/Charge!/The Routers Play The Chuck Berry Song Book(2CD) BGOCD1321 ¥2,690
The Searchers The EP Collection BGOCD1428 ¥2,690
The Searchers A & B Sides 1963-67 BGOCD1436 ¥2,690
The Sons Of Champlin Welcome to the Dance/The Sons of Champlin/A Circle Filled With Love (2CD) 5011120 ¥2,690
The Sorrows Take a Heart BGOCD1442 ¥2,690
The Surfaris Surfers Rule/Gone With the Wave BGOCD423 ¥2,690
The Surfaris Wipe Out/The Surfaris Play BGOCD482 ¥2,390
The Troggs From Nowhere/Trogglodynamite BGOCD340 ¥2,390
The Troggs Cellophane/Mixed Bag BGOCD343 ¥2,390
The Youngbloods The Youngbloods / Earth Music / Elephant Mountain(2CD) BGOCD741 ¥2,690
The Youngbloods Rock Festival/Ride The Wind/Good And Dusty(2CD) BGOCD1284 ¥2,690
Three Dog Night It Ain’t Easy / Naturally(RM) BGOCD875 ¥2,390
Three Man Army Three Man Army/Three Man Army Two(+1) BGOCD1256 ¥2,690
Til Tuesday Welcome Home/Everything’s Different Now(RM) BGOCD1393 ¥2,990
Tim Hardin Suite For Susan Moore/Bird on a Wire BGOCD470 ¥2,390
Tim Hardin Painted Head BGOCD778 ¥2,190
Tom Rush Tom Rush/Wrong End Of The Rainbow BGOCD361 ¥2,390
Tom Rush Merrimack County/Ladies Love Outlaws BGOCD514 ¥2,390
Tom Verlaine Tom Verlaine/Dreamtime BGOCD1257 ¥2,390
Tommy Roe Sheila And Other Songs/Everybody Likes BGOCD625 ¥1,590
Tommy Shaw Girls with Guns / What If(RM) BGOCD1109 ¥2,690
Vain No Respect(RM) BGOCD872 ¥2,190
Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders Wayne Fontana & The Mind Benders/It’s Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders BGOCD540 ¥2,390
Wendy Waldman Love Has Got Me/Gypsy Symphony/Wendy Waldman(2CD) BGOCD1336 ¥2,690
Wet Willie The Wetter The Better / Left Coast Live(RM) 6121087 ¥2,690
Wet Willie Manorisms / Which One’s Willie?(RM) BGOCD1133 ¥2,390
Wishbone Ash Wishbone Ash BGOCD234 ¥2,190
Wishbone Ash Live Dates BGOCD293 ¥2,190
Wishbone Ash Number The Brave BGOCD1081 ¥2,190
Zephyr (Rock) Going Back to Colorado/Sunset Ride(2CD) BGOCD1196 ¥2,390





アーティスト タイトル 品番 価格(税込)
Allen Toussaint Love, Life & Faith/Southern Nights/Motion(2CD) BGOCD1211 ¥2,690
Billy Preston I Wrote A Simple Song / Music Is My Life(2CD/RM) BGOCD986 ¥2,690
Dobie Gray Drift Away / Loving Arms / Hey Dixie(2CD/RM) BGOCD1004 ¥2,690
Earth, Wind & Fire Earth, Wind & Fire/The Need of Love BGOCD1358 ¥2,390
Ike & Tina Turner Come Together / Workin’ Together(RM) BGOCD942 ¥2,390
Ike & Tina Turner The World of Ike and Tina BGOCD1349 ¥2,190
Jimmy James & The Vagabonds The New Religion/London Swings ‘Live At The Marquee Club’/This Is Jimmy James And The Vagabonds/Open Up Your Soul(+BT) BGOCD1432 ¥2,690
Kool & The Gang Ladies Night/Celebrate!/Something Special/As One/In the Heart/Emergency BGOCD1416 ¥3,090
Major Lance The Best Of Major Lance BGOCD369 ¥2,190
Narada Michael Walden Garden of Love Light / I Cry, I Smileawakening(2CD) 2960354 ¥2,690
Narada Michael Walden The Dance of Life/Victory/Confidence(2CD) BGOCD1215 ¥2,690
Narada Michael Walden Looking at You, Looking at Me/The Nature of Things/Divine Emotion(2CD) BGOCD1337 ¥2,690
Ohio Players Skin Tight/Fire BGOCD747 ¥2,390
Ohio Players Mr. Mean/Gold BGOCD1218 ¥2,390
Seatrain Watch 3493245 ¥2,190
Sly & The Family Stone Small Talk/High On You/Heard Ya Missed Me, Well I’M(2CD) BGOCD1294 ¥2,690
The Foundations The PYE As, Bs & EP Tracks BGOCD1453 ¥2,990
The Gap Band The Gap Band/II/III(2CD) BGOCD1219 ¥2,690
The Gap Band Gap Band 8 / Straight From The Heart(+BT) BGOCD1390 ¥3,190
The Gap Band Gap Band IV/Gap Band V: Jammin’ BGOCD1407 ¥2,690
The Pointer Sisters The Pointer Sisters / Thats A Plenty BGOCD1466 ¥2,690





アーティスト タイトル 品番 価格(税込)
Alphonso Johnson Moonshadows/Yesterday’s Dreams/Spellbound(2CD) BGOCD1220 ¥2,690
Andy Williams Love Theme From the Godfather/Solitaire/You Lay So Easy on My Mind(2CD) 3516683 ¥2,690
Andy Williams The Wonderful World Of/Call Me Irresponsible/Great Songs From My Fair Lady/Almost There(2CD) BGOCD1283 ¥2,690
Andy Williams In The Arms Of Love/Honey/Happy Heart/Get Together(2CD) BGOCD1286 ¥2,690
Andy Williams The Andy Williams Show/Love Story/A Song For(2CD) BGOCD1292 ¥2,690
Andy Williams Christmas Present/The Other Side Of Me/Andy/Let’s Love While We Can(2CD) BGOCD1296 ¥3,290
Andy Williams (Jazz) Can’t Help Falling in Love/Home Lovin’ Man(RM) BGOCD1177 ¥2,390
Andy Williams (Jazz) Danny Boy & Other Songs I Love to Sing/Moon River And Other Great Movie Themes/Warn And Willing/Days Of Wine And Roses(2CD/RM) BGOCD1280 ¥2,690
Arthur Blythe In the Tradition/Lenox Avenue Breakdown/Illusions/Blythe Spirit(2CD/RM) BGOCD1242 ¥2,690
Arthur Blythe Da-Da/Basic Blythe(2CD) BGOCD1322 ¥2,690
Ben Sidran Free In America/The Doctor Is In/A Little Kiss In The Night/Live At Montreux(RM) BGOCD1340 ¥2,690
Buddy Rich Very Alive At Ronnie Scott’s BGOCD785 ¥2,690
Caldera Caldera/Sky Islands BGOCD1368 ¥2,390
Chuck Mangione Love Notes / Disguise / Save Tonight for Me(2CD/RM) BGOCD1112 ¥2,690
Don Ellis The New Don Ellis Band Goes Underground/Don Ellis at Fillmore(2CD/RM) BGOCD1143 ¥2,690
Don Ellis Tears of Joy/Connection(2CD) BGOCD1317 ¥2,690
Don Rendell/Ian Carr Change Is BGOCD613 ¥2,190
Earl Klugh Earl Klugh / Living Inside Your Love / Magic In Your Eyes(2CD/RM) BGOCD955 ¥2,690
Eumir Deodato Whirlwinds/Artistry (Remaster)(RM) BGOCD847 ¥2,390
Freddie Hubbard High Energy / Liquid Love / Windjammer(2CD/RM) BGOCD1024 ¥2,690
Freddie Hubbard Bundle of Joy / Super Blue / The Love Connection(2CD/RM) BGOCD1111 ¥2,690
Freddie Hubbard Red Clay/Straight Life/First Light(2CD/RM) BGOCD1154 ¥2,690
Gary Burton Quartet Duster/Country Roads & Other Places(RM) BGOCD1157 ¥2,690
Grover Washington Jr. All My Tomorrows/Soulful Strut/Breath of Heaven(3CD/RM) BGOCD1141 ¥1,590
Hiroshima (Jazz) Third Generation/Another Place/Go(2CD) BGOCD1315 ¥2,690
Hubert Laws Morning Star/Carnegie Hall/The Chicago Theme(RM) BGOCD1347 ¥1,690
Ian Carr Solar Plexus/Belladonna BGOCD566 ¥2,690
Ian Carr/Don Rendell Shades Of Blue / Dusk Fire BGOCD615 ¥2,690
Jim Hall Concierto/Big Blues/Studio Trieste(2CD) BGOCD1342 ¥2,690
Joe Farrell Penny Arcade/Upon This Rock/Canned Funk(RM) BGOCD1343 ¥2,690
Joe Farrell Joe Farrell Quartet/Outback/Moon Germs(2CD) BGOCD1346 ¥2,690
John McLaughlin Electric Guitarist / Electric Dreams(RM) BGOCD932 ¥2,390
John Stevens’ Away Somewhere in Between (2CD) 2960349 ¥2,690
Johnny Mathis You Light Up My Life/That’s What Friends Are For (With Deniece Williams)/The Best Days Of My Life/Mathis Magic BGOCD1450 ¥2,990
Keith Tippett Blueprint BGOCD634 ¥1,590
Kenny Wheeler/John Dankworth Orchestra Windmill Tilter : The Story Of Don Quixote(RM) BGOCD944 ¥2,190
Larry Carlton Strikes Twice/Sleepwalk/Friends BGOCD1187 ¥2,690
Larry Carlton With a Little Help From My Friends/Singing/Playing BGOCD1405 ¥2,390
Lighthouse Lighthouse/Suite Feeling/Peacing It All Together(2CD) BGOCD1281 ¥2,690
Maynard Ferguson M.F. Horn / M.F. Horn 2 / M.F. Horn 3(2CD/RM) BGOCD1110 ¥2,690
Maynard Ferguson Conquistador (2CD) 2960350 ¥2,690
Maynard Ferguson The Ballad Style of Maynard Ferguson/Alive & Well in London(RM) BGOCD1206 ¥2,390
Maynard Ferguson M.F. Horn, 4 & 5: Live at Jimmy’s BGOCD1307 ¥2,190
Milt Jackson Sunflower/Goodbye BGOCD1252 ¥2,390
Oregon Out of the Woods/Roots in the Sky(2CD) BGOCD1273 ¥2,690
Oregon Oregon in Performance BGOCD1354 ¥2,190
Ornette Coleman The Music Of / Skies Of America(2CD/REISSUE) BGOCD1049 ¥2,090
Perry Como It’s Impossible / And I Love You So(RM) BGOCD1013 ¥2,390
Perry Como The Best of British/Where You’re Concerned/Perry Como/So It Goes(2CD/RM) BGOCD1240 ¥2,690
Perry Como I Think of You/Perry Como in Nashville/Just Out of Reach/Today(2CD) BGOCD1250 ¥2,690
Perry Como Lightly Latin / In Italy / Look To Your Heart / Seattle BGOCD1458 ¥2,690
Ramsey Lewis Hang On Ramsey!/Wade In The Water BGOCD396 ¥2,390
Ramsey Lewis Don’t It Feel Good/Salongo/Tequila Mockingbird/Love Notes(2CD) BGOCD1328 ¥2,690
Stanley Clarke Rocks, Pebbles And Sand / Let Me Know You(RM) BGOCD924 ¥2,390
Stanley Clarke Time Exposure/Find Out!/Hideaway(2CD) BGOCD1022 ¥1,590
Stanley Turrentine Sugar/Gilberto with Turrentine/Salt Song(2CD) BGOCD1345 ¥2,690
Steve Khan Tightrope/The Blue Man/Arrows(2CD/RM) BGOCD1178 ¥2,690
Steve Khan Public Access/Headline/Crossings(2CD) BGOCD1332 ¥2,690
Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Monday Night/Central Park North BGOCD1348 ¥2,090
Tom Scott Desire/Target BGOCD1195 ¥2,390
Tom Scott & The L.A. Express Tom Scott & the L.A. Express / Tom Cat / New York Connection(2CD/RM) BGOCD1137 ¥2,390





アーティスト タイトル 品番 価格(税込)
Amazing Blondel England / Blondel(2CD) BGOCD914 ¥2,390
B.B. King Lucille BGOCD36 ¥2,190
B.B. King L.A. Midnight/To… [Slipcase] [4/7](2CD/RM) BGOCD853 ¥2,690
Bob Pegg Bob Pegg & Nick Strutt/Carolanne Pegg/The Shipbuilder/Ancientmaps BGOCD1413 ¥2,690
Bobby ”Blue” Bland Come Fly With Me / I Feel Good / I Feel Fine / Sweet Vibrations BGOCD1472 ¥2,990
Bobby Bare Me And McDill/Sleeper Wherever I Fall/Bare/Down & Dirty BGOCD1397 ¥2,690
Bobby Bare Drunk & Crazy/As Is/Ain’t Got Nothin’ to Lose/Drinkin’ from the Bottle, Singin’ from the Heart BGOCD1426 ¥2,690
Bobby Bare Detroit City and Other Hits/500 Miles Away From Home/Talk Me Somesense/A Bird Named BGOCD1431 ¥2,690
Canned Heat One More River to Cross(+2/RM) BGOCD1233 ¥2,190
Champion Jack Dupree From New Orleans/Champion Jack Dupree BGOCD 649 ¥2,690
Charley Pride The Sensational Charley Pride/Songs of Pride (2CD) BGOCD1181 ¥2,690
Charley Pride Country Charley Pride/The Country Way (2CD/RM) BGOCD1185 ¥2,690
Charley Pride Charley’s 10th Album/From Me To You/Sings Heart Songs/I’m Just Me BGOCD1201 ¥2,690
Charley Pride Did You Think to Pray/A Sunshiny Day With Charley Pride/Sweet Country/Songs of Love by Charley Pride(2CD/RM) BGOCD1223 ¥2,690
Charley Pride The Happiness of Having You/Sunday Morning/She’s Just An Old Love Turned Memory/Someone Loves You Honey(2CD/RM) BGOCD1226 ¥2,690
Charley Pride You’re My Jamaica/Roll On Mississippi/Everybody’s Choice/Charley Pride Live(2CD) BGOCD1282 ¥2,690
Charley Pride Country Classics/Night Games/Power of Love/Back to the Country(2CD) BGOCD1287 ¥2,690
Charley Pride Burgers And Fries – When I Stop Leaving (I’ll Be Gone) / There BGOCD1391 ¥3,190
Dave Cartwright A Little Bit of Glory/Back to the Garden/Don’t Let Your Family Down BGOCD1429 ¥2,690
David Bromberg David Bromberg/Demon In Disguise(RM) BGOCD811 ¥2,390
David Bromberg Wanted Dead Or Alive / Midnight On The Water(RM) BGOCD933 ¥2,690
Dillard & Clark The Fantastic Expedition Of Dillard & Clark / Through The Morning, Through The Night(+3/RM) BGOCD987 ¥2,390
Don Williams Visions / Expressions / Portrait(2CD/RM) BGOCD1106 ¥2,690
Don Williams You’re My Best Friend / Harmony / Country Boy(2CD/RM) BGOCD1108 ¥2,690
Don Williams Especially For You / Listen To The Radio / Yellow Moon BGOCD1388 ¥2,690
Earl Scruggs Nashville’s Rock/Dueling Banjos/The Storyteller & the Banjo Man/Top of the World BGOCD1420 ¥2,690
Earl Scruggs Revue Anniversary Special Vol.1 & 2(RM/REISSUE) BGOCD830 ¥2,390
Earl Scruggs/Earl Scruggs Revue I Saw The Light With Some Help From My Friends/Live! From Austin City Limits/Strike Anywhere/Bold & New BGOCD1444 ¥2,990
Eric Andersen Blue River/Stages: The Lost Album(2CD/RM) BGOCD1159 ¥2,690
Five Hand Reel Five Hand Reel / For a That / Earl O’Moray(2CD) BGOCD712 ¥2,690
Freddie King Burglar BGOCD137 ¥2,190
Freddie King Larger Than Life (Remastered) BGOCD593 ¥2,190
George ”Harmonica” Smith …Of The Blues BGOCD1448 ¥2,690
George Jones George Jones/In a Gospel Way/Memories of Us/The Battle BGOCD1398 ¥2,690
George Jones Still the Same Ole Me/First Time Live!/One Woman Man/Friends in High Places BGOCD1403 ¥2,690
George Jones/Tammy Wynette Me & The First Lady/We’re Gonna Hold On (2CD/RM) BGOCD1183 ¥2,690
Guy Clark Guy Clark/The South Coast Of Texas/Better Days(2CD) BGOCD1190 ¥2,690
Jerry Reed Unbelievable Guitar and Voice of/Nashville Underground/Alabama Wild Man/Better Things in Life(2CD) 3459325 ¥2,690
Jerry Reed Jerry Reed Explores Guitar Country/Cookin/Georgia Sunshine/Me & Jerry BGOCD1351 ¥2,690
Jerry Reed Jerry Reed/Hot a’ Mighty/Lord, Mr. Ford/The Uptown Poker Club(RM) BGOCD1377 ¥2,690
Jim Reeves Yours Sincerely Jim Reeves/Blue Side of Lonesome/A Touch of Sadness/Jim Reeves on Stage(2CD) BGOCD1249 ¥2,690
Jim Reeves International Jim Reeves/Kimberley Jim/My Cathedral(2CD) BGOCD1293 ¥2,690
Jim Reeves Young And Country/Writes You A Record/I Love You Because/Don’t Let Me Cross Over(2CD) BGOCD1316 ¥2,690
Jo Ann Kelly Jo-Ann Kelly BGOCD429 ¥2,190
Joe Diffie A Thousand Winding Roads/Regular Joe/Honky Tonk Attitude/Third Rock from the Sun(RM) BGOCD1383 ¥2,690
Joe Diffie Life’s So Funny/Twice Upon A Time/A Night To Remember/In Another World BGOCD1457 ¥2,690
Joe Ely Down On The Drag / Live Shots(RM/REISSUE) BGOCD898 ¥2,390
Johnny Paycheck Mr. Lovemaker / Loving You Beats All I’ve Ever Seen / 11 Months And 29 Days / Take This Job And Shove It(RM) BGOCD1401 ¥3,290
Johnny Rodriguez (Country) Introducing Johnny Rodriguez/All I Ever Meant to Do Was Sing/My Third Album/Songs About Ladies BGOCD1437 ¥2,690
Judy Collins In My Life/Wildflowers/Whales & Nightingales(2CD/RM) BGOCD1243 ¥2,690
Junior Parker Like It Is/Honey-Drippin’ Blues BGOCD1278 ¥2,390
K.T. Oslin 80’s Ladies/This Woman/Love In a Small Town BGOCD1382 ¥2,690
Leo Kottke Dreams And All That Stuff BGOCD132 ¥2,190
Merle Haggard Big City / Going Where The Lonely Go(RM) BGOCD1006 ¥2,390
Merle Haggard The Land of Many Churches(RM) BGOCD1015 ¥1,590
Mick Clarke Ramdango/Crazy Blues/Shake It Up 3493244 ¥2,690
Mick Clarke Diggin’ Down/Bent Frets/Steppin’ Out(RM) BGOCD1399 ¥3,290
Muddy Waters Muddy Waters Sings Big Bill/Folk Singer BGOCD397 ¥2,390
Muddy Waters They Called Me Muddy Waters / Live At Mister Kelly’s(RM) BGOCD949 ¥2,390
Muddy Waters Muddy, Brass And The Blues / Can’t Get No Grindin’(RM) BGOCD1007 ¥2,390
Muddy Waters Electric Mud / After The Rain(RM) BGOCD1011 ¥2,390
Pearls Before Swine City Of Gold/Beautiful Lies You Could Live In BGOCD1285 ¥2,390
Porter Wagoner/Dolly Parton Once More/Two of a Kind/Together Always/The Right Combination Burning The Midnight Oil BGOCD1389 ¥2,690
Ray Price The Lonesomest Lonesome/She’s Got To Be A Saint/You’re The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me/etc(RM) BGOCD1380 ¥2,690
Ronnie Milsap Where My Heart Is/Pure Love/A Legend In My Time/Night Things(RM) BGOCD1402 ¥3,290
Savoy Brown Shake Down/Getting To The Point BGOCD677 ¥2,690
The Corries In Concert/Scottish Love Songs BGOCD267 ¥2,390
The Corries Those Wild Corries/Kishmu BGOCD326 ¥1,590
The Corries Spotlight On The Corries(RM) BGOCD729 ¥2,390
The Dillards Back Porch Bluegrass/Live!!! Almost!!!/Pickin’ And Fiddin’(2CD/RM) BGOCD1167 ¥2,690
The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Will The Circle Be Unbroken: Volume Two BGOCD400 ¥2,190
Tom Paxton The Compleat Tom Paxton Recorded Live(2CD) BGOCD1148 ¥2,690
Tom Paxton How Come The Sun Plus Tracks From The Tom Paxton EP(RM) BGOCD1364 ¥1,590
Waylon Jennings Its Only Rock & Roll/Never Could Toe the Mark/Turn the Page/Sweet Mother Texas BGOCD1454 ¥2,690




アーティスト タイトル 品番 価格(税込)
Antonio Carlos Jobim Tide/Stone Flower BGOCD1338 ¥2,390
Finbar & Eddie Furey Finbar & Eddie Furey/Traditional Irish Pipe Music/The Lonesome Boatman/The Dawning Of The Day(2CD) BGOCD1299 ¥2,690
Hamish Imlach Hamish Imlach/Before & After/Live!/The Two Sides of Hamishimlach BGOCD1414 ¥2,690
Osibisa Osibisa/Woyaya(2CD) BGOCD646 ¥2,690
The Johnstons Johnstons / Give a Damn / Barley Corn(2CD) BGOCD1086 ¥2,690
The Johnstons Bitter Green/Colours of the Dawn/If I Sang My Song(2CD/RM) BGOCD1297 ¥2,690